Wealth Generators Review 2018- Scam Or Legit?

Wealth Generators

Wealth Generators has attracted a lot of attention in recent time, everyone is thinking — is it legit? is it a scam?

We have to understand that, there exist, two classes of people on the internet, today; they are classified into winners and Losers. The winning class reaps from the losing class and for the winners to stay winning, the losers have to stay losing. (Nature has made it so).

The only distinguishing factor between winners and losers on the internet today is knowledge. Winners don’t just dive into new opportunities; they study new opportunities to the point where they can draw close to accurate conclusions before making commitments, thereby reducing their chances of incurring losses.

The losers, on the other hand, are always quick to jump into whatever they see trending without going into proper research and so end up on the losing side.

I have reasons to believe that you reading this right now, Yes you! you are a winner. You have heard about the Wealth Generators platform and have set out to know more about it before making cash commitments. You are smart and have all it takes to be successful. And you will.

Well, everyone is wondering “is Wealth Generators a legit investment platform or is it another professional scam?”

They seem to be everywhere; they are trending on the social media etc… should I invest or not?.

If you seek answers to any of the questions posed above then I suggest you turn off the tv, messaging app or whatever might distract you and pay close attention to what I am about to tell you.

Firstly, I will like you to note that I am in no way affiliated with Wealth Generators; this is a well-researched, honest and undiluted review to guide you towards making the right decision.

Wealth Generators: What It Is?

Wealth generators crypto is a multi-level marketing opportunity MLM, and like every other MLM opportunity, it relies on members referring (inviting) others into the system in order to sustain it. But wealth generators is not all about referring family and friends, it has a “crypto” mining feature as well.

This feature allows members to buy crypto mining contracts.What this basically means is, you invest a certain amount of money into the system and then sit back and relax while your money grows gradually (passive income) even in your sleep.

Here is how your profit comes about?

They claim to use the money you invest in their packages to mine cryptocurrencies. They currently claim to mine Ethereum, monero, dash, and Ethereum classic and promise to add others with time. But, how profitable is crypto-currency mining at a time like this?

This sounds like a classic example of letting your money work for you. The same promise was made by notable Ponzi schemes like MMM, TWINKAS, GIVERSFORUM etc… in the case of MMM, you put your money, it converts to mavros, your mavros grow by the day and you withdraw when they fully mature blah! blah! blah!. But at the end, it crashed leaving millions of people half dead. There were also others like Trade Coin Club and Bitclub network which were just Ponzi schemes in guise as trading and mining companies.

That said; members can earn in Wealth Generators crypto by either investing a certain amount and waiting for their investments to grow or by referring (inviting) people into the system to get a certain percentage in commissions from their investments.

The problem with programs like this is that there is no guarantee. You might be lucky to invest and reap returns or invest and the platform crashes leaving you with your pants below your ankles.This isn’t for the frail hearted.

Moving on, who created Wealth Generators?

The actual founder of the platform is unknown, and efforts to find his/her identity has yielded no result, other unsolved mysteries include when it was launched, where it is based etc… it seems to be a shadow organisation.

What Products Do They Offer?

They seem to offer no retail products at all, no tangible goods are being offered in the site except for the fact that you join, invest your money into their system, invite others to invest their money, and they, in turn, invite others to invest their monies as well, and so on.

Wealth generators compensation plan

How do you get paid in wealth generators? Do you just sign up, invest and then sit back and relax?

Here is the answer you seek. To be a member of the wealth generator platform, you must sign up and pay a fee of about 53,925 Naira ($149.99) after which you can choose to either earn solely as an affiliate or buy a mining contract.

The mining contracts come in different packages ranging from 179,750 Naira ($500) to 1,797,500 Naira ($4999.99).

What this implies is that to invest in wealth generators you must pay a membership fee of 53,925 Naira ($500) and then proceed to buy one of their investment packages or you can simply register with 53,925 Naira ($4999.99) and invite others to register with the same amount and you earn commissions.

Wealth generators offer four investment packages, they are.

  • Generator investment – 179,750 Naira ($500)
  • Investor investment — 360,000 Naira ($999)
  • Executive investment – 900,000 Naira ($2499)
  • Premiere investment – 1,797,500 Naira (4999.99)

Investors who buy the generator or investor packages will earn 360 Naira ($1) to 720 Naira ($2) daily for a period of 1200 days. That is a total of 432,000 Naira or 864,000 Naira after 1200 days.

While investors who buy the executive or premiere packages will earn between 2,160 Naira to 2,880 Naira and 4,320 Naira to 8,640 daily for a period of 1,200 days. That will be a total of 2,592,000 to 103,680,000 Naira after 1200 days.

Wealth Generator Compensation Plan


Cost of joining wealth generators

To join wealth generators crypto an individual will have to pay the registration fee of about 53,925 Naira and at least spend another 179,750 Naira in purchasing a mining contract (investment). That is a total of 233,675 Naira, to earn a minimum of 432,000 Naira within a period of 1200 days.

Should you invest your money in wealth generators?

There exist a lot of scam sites on the internet today, analysing a site is one thing, and coming to a conclusion is another. Wealth generators might be a scam or a legit platform, but for the purpose of this article, I will like you to ponder on the following highlights of the wealth generators system before making your decision.

  • Wealth Generators has a multi-level marketing system just like ultimatecycler, icharity etc.
  • The owner of the platform is unknown.
  • Its actual launch date is unknown.
  • Its country of origin is unknown.
  • You need to pay a membership fee of about 53,925 Naira.
  • After paying the fees you have to either invite people to register with the same amount to earn or
  • Invest in a mining contract that cost between 179,750 Naira to 1,797,500 Naira.
  • Your investments will grow gradually for 1,200 days.
  • You stand to earn between 432,000 Naira to 103,680,000 Naira, depending on how much invest.

The ball is in your court.

What do I think of wealth generators?

In my opinion, it is possible that wealth generators is genuine and will deliver on their promise or it’s just another sophisticated scam.

Will I invest in wealth generators? My answer is NO!

The reason why I won’t invest a dime is simple.

Firstly, I work for my money and I won’t transact with a faceless organisation.

Secondly, I am wary of platforms with MLM features. Why? Because most of them depend on new members to pay old members and when new members are in short supply the platform collapses and so does everyone’s money.

Thirdly, the platform can collapse at any time and when that happens, there is absolutely nothing you can do since it has no head office or means of identification and isn’t registered.

My advice

Follow your instincts, but participate with what you can afford to lose. Your chances are 50/50.

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