USI-Tech Review 2018 |Scam or Legit| – 1 thing You Need to Know

USI-Tech is everywhere online. I first heard about USI-tech around October 2017. It was sent to me as an email from Justin Verrengia. Justin is the highest earner in usi-tech, he made about 51 BTC in just 72 days. Yes, I said 52 BTC. I have known Justin for a while in other business online so this result is typical of him. After seeing Justin’s email on this company, I have begun to notice it all over social media. I am yet to see a thorough review online. So at the request of my readers, I have made this review as thorough and comprehensive as I can while still keeping it concise and straight to the point. Irrespective of how much has been made in a business by anyone there are always still risks involved. Success can also be staged. So take your time to read this unbiased USI-tech review.

What is USI-Tech?

USI-Tech Launched its operation in 2009 as a software company that created an automatic trading bot. With only 600 Euros, User can gain a lifetime access to this trading software. The Trading Bot can be integrated with MT4 to effectively and automatic trade the Forex market. USI-Tech has in the past 8 years updated this software about 100 times to keep up with them with new challenges in the Forex market and keep their customers satisfied.

However, with the ever-growing adoption of cryptocurrency, The company in March 2017 stopped offering the automated Forex Trading Both to new members and introduced the Bitcoin package. The Bitcoin package allows members to invest in Altcoin mining and Cryptocurrency trading activities carried out by USI-Tech. With a minimum investment of 50 Euros in bitcoins, investors will earn a daily return of 1% their investment for 140 business days (I.e. Monday to Friday ~6 months). Unlike the Forex package, a referral program with a good earning potential also introduced in this package. This made the awareness/popularity of usi-tech increase tremendously.

The referral program, on the other hand, made critics consider USI-Tech a Ponzi scheme in the likes of Trade Coin Club and Bitclub Network.

Is USI-Tech a Ponzi Scheme? The facts laid out in this review clearly answered this question. Read on.

Who are the Founders of USI-Tech?

There are primary four major persons involved the creation and running of USI Tech. The founders are Jao Severino and Ralf Gold. The two primary partners are Horst Jicha and Mike Kiefer. Mike Kiefer is the VP marketing; you will see him in most of the USI-Tech videos.

It is also worthy to note that USI-Tech has its headquarters in Dubai and registered with the registration number ICC20160282.

What does it cost to Join USI-Tech?

Anyone can join USI-tech for free and earn without investing. I will explain this further in the compensation plan below. However, to earn 1% ROI daily, a minimum investment of 50 EUR in bitcoins is required.

How to Make Money from USI-Tech (Compensation Plan)

There are basically 3 ways to make money from USI-Tech. They are:

  • Bitcoin Package
  • Token Package
  • Referral Program

Bitcoin Package

One of the easiest way to earn in USI-Tech is to invest in the BTC package. With as little 50 Euros in bitcoins, you can purchase a bitcoin package. The bitcoin package pays back 1% return on investment each day for 140 working days (Monday – Friday). So, at the end of the 140-working day (approx. 6 months), you would have been paid back the initial number of bitcoins you invested plus 40% of that invested amount in bitcoins.

This is much better than just buying bitcoin to keep. For example, suppose I bought 100 Euros worth of bitcoins and held it for 6 months. If in this 6 months, the value of bitcoins increased by 3X, my 100 euros bitcoin would be worth 300 euros. In the same way, if I invest this amount in USI tech, my 100 Euros bitcoins will be worth 420 Euros in 6 months. However, it can be argued that there is more risk investing in USI-Tech than in buying bitcoins because its existence in 6 months cannot be guaranteed.

There is no limit to the number is BTC package members can buy. You can buy as much as you can. Justin as a mentioned in the introduction started with $6,000. The Token package is now launched.  As a bonus, members have rewarded 1 token for each Bitcoin Package purchased.

Token Package

The usi-tech Token package is more of a long-term investment. The company wants to launch their own cryptocurrency called TechCoin. To own this coin, members can purchase the USI token. This is more like an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

ICOs is a method used by most companies in the cryptocurrency world to raise fund to embark on a project. In other words, purchasing a token can be seen a purchasing a share in the company. Once the required amount is raised, the token sale is stopped and the coins are issued to users wallet. If the project becomes successful, the value of the coin will appreciate and anyone in possession of these coins can sell them on exchanges if they which to.

USI-Tech intends to Sell 500 million tokens, This will enable them to raise about 200 million Euros since 1 token Is sold at 0.5 Euros. The TechCoin white paper is still not out, however from the London event held in November 2017, The project to be undertaken from the raised amount is from the ICO include;

  • USI-Tech Bitcoin ATMs – they plan to launch 3 million bitcoin ATM around the world.
  • USI -Tech Exchange – They plan to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange in the likes of Coinbase, Luno, Remitano, LocalBitcoins etc.
  • USI-Tech Mining pool– about $70 million has already been spent by USI-Tech on mining hardware mining Ethereum and other cryptos. They will obviously be scaled higher
  • Development of New Promotional Tools.

As of now, USI-Tech has sold 81,933,300 tokens. This progress can be seen from the Token Tracker

There are five Token packages that can be bought. The least being the Silver Package which costs 50 Euros in bitcoins for 100 tokens. Other packages include the Gold Package, Ruby Package, Emerald Package and Diamond Package as shown in the picture below.

usi-tech token package


Referral Program

The referral program is the most rewarding way to make money to make money in USI-Tech if you are good at marketing. You can earn from the referral program without investing a dime. It is through this income stream that Justin Verrengia was able to earn as much as 51 btc in Just 72 days. Although Justin bought packages worth $6k, his earning of 51 btc in 72 days is mainly from referral program.

How does the Referral Program work?

The referral program income opportunity can be divided into 2.

  • Earning from Bitcoin Package Referral
  • Earning from Token Package Referral

Earning from Bitcoin Package Referral

Through this method, a member can earn from twelve levels of their downline. These levels are made up of people recruited directly by the member and those recruited by his downlines. There are conditions that qualifies members to earn from any of these levels. However, for level 1, there are no qualification requirements. Members are rewarded 10% of any number of Bitcoin package bought by those they personally recruit. This commission is instant. For Level 2, a member earns 3% of any number of bitcoin package bought by someone in his level 2, but before he can qualify for this, 3 of the persons he personally recruited must have purchased at least 12 bitcoin package each. The qualification requirement to earn from other levels and the percentage earning can be seen in the table below.


usi-tech bitcoin package compensation plan


Earning from the Token Package Referral Program

The Token package referral is similar to that of the bitcoin package. Members have twelve level of earning. The condition for the Bitcoin package commission also play for the token package, however, Member must purchase any of the token packages aside the silver package to qualify to earn commission from token package referral. Also, the token package purchased determines the percentage earning from referral. These referral commissions are paid instantly to referrers account and can be withdrawn immediately. The table below shows the compensation plan for the token package.

usi-tech token package compensation plan

How is the Daily 1% ROI Paid by USI-Tech Generated?

USI-Tech stated that the 1% daily commission paid to members are generation basically from 2 sources.

  1. Altcoin mining
  2. Crypto trading including arbitrage trading.

Analyses of these income sources above and proof of its authenticity will determine if USI-Tech is a true business or just another Ponzi scheme.  Before we do the analyses, let us look at how the money used to buy each Bitcoin package is spend.

When a Member Purchases a bitcoin package for 50 Euros in bitcoin, 3% of this amount is charged as the entry fee. 35% of this amount is also paid in MLM commission (Referral commissions). i.e. 10% to 1% on the 12 levels as seen the first table above. So, the amount actually invested in altcoin mining and crypto trading is 62% of the 50 Euros (i.e. 31 Euros in Bitcoins). However, the 1% paid daily is on the 50 Euros worth of bitcoin invested. In reality, if it’s just 31 Euro in bitcoin that is invested instead of the 50 Euros, it means USI-Tech is actually paying about 225% ROI in total at the end of 6 months (140 working days). Also, since they pay 1% daily, it means the total amount invested is shortened each day. The big question now is; How viable is Altcoin mining and crypto trading to generate enough income to pay investors about 225% ROI in 6 months?

Altcoin Mining

Altcoins are every other cryptocurrency aside bitcoins. It has been proven that Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable. Hence it makes sense that USI-Tech decided to mine other cryptocurrencies aside bitcoin. As stated earlier, the company has invested $70 million in mining equipment. However, I do not have a prof to this statement, so it is still not verified.

Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is quite profitable if you develop a working trading technique/plan and stick to it. As a trader myself, I have seen weeks of 10% to 50% trading profit, I have also seen weeks of loss. It is possible to make double your bitcoin in 6 months trading and it’s also possible to lose it.

On arbitrage trading, Bitcoin arbitrage trading is buying bitcoin at a cheaper price from one exchange and selling it for higher at the other. Taking Luno and Remitano exchanges as an example, if you study this two platforms, you will notice that there are times when bitcoins are sold at a much lower price on Remitano as compared to Luno. It this period, A trader can buy bitcoins on Remitano, send it to Luno, sell and make an instant profit. The disadvantage of this is that bitcoins are now taking too long to confirm, hopefully, this problem will be solved soon with the implementation of Lightning Network. However other coins like Ethereum and Litecoin confirms much faster.

If USI-Tech genuinely and successfully applies the two income sources listed, the paid ROI can be achieved. The grey here is that the 1% paid daily to investors reduces the amount available to invest and thus making is much difficult to achieve the 140%. However, this percentage returns is paid to the USI-tech account. I think this amount paid to members of the USI-Tech back office is only virtual as the company might still have access to it until member initiate a withdrawal process for it. Most members do not withdraw this fund until its substantial enough and member might also reinvest this fund. On withdraw, USI-Tech charges a service fee of 2% on the withdrawal amount.

Is USI-Tech a Scam?

USI-tech has been around for about 8 years now. The company is registered in Dubai, the owners are known and members are satisfied so far as there has not been any case of fraud from them reported by anyone. However, precaution is a necessity in any investment.


What is my Verdict? Did I invest?

Yes, I invested, I bought 12 BTC packages and a silver token package. If you read my blog, you would have noticed that I discourage my readers from investing in platforms that guarantee a daily return on investment. I see most of them as scam/Ponzi scheme and I gave proof to my claim in the review to this sort of site like Trade Coin Club, Bitclub Network, Titan Trade club, etc. So far I cannot prove that USI-Tech is not genuine. Although there are still some grey areas as in the transparency in the source of the generated incomes.

That said, I have received emails from different people asking for platforms to invest their bitcoins in. My response has always been that you by bitcoin and hold it in a hard walletit’s much safer that way than investing it in any platform. I cannot guarantee that USI-tech will continue to pay, however, It’s a good investment if the company continues to exist. If you have some cash to spare, you can invest in usi-tech but do not do so will all your money. All the best.

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