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Welcome to my Review on Trade coin club

Trade coin club awareness is increasing by the day and many people are being lured into putting their money in this Ponzi scheme in the guise that it is a bitcoin trading platform. There are some group of people in Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt who are spreading this lie like wildfire. Take your time to read through as I expose them with details. it’s high time you stop losing money to Ponzi schemes. What annoys me most is that they lie that it is a trading platform. I will have no problem with them if they had said it is Ponzi and you could lose your money. Though it’s paying now, it is a few days away from crashing if it has not already crashed by the time you are reading this.

We have received lots of email concerning this club. Most people want to know if they can really count on this club while some want to know how long it will last or if it’s going to go down.

I always tell people before you go into any business be it online or offline, you should carry out lots of research on it. Am pretty sure no one wants to be at the losing end because lots of folks have tasted the sting of losing online, it’s really painful when you invest our money hoping to make profits from it and at the end of the day, you lose more than you have ever imagined. If you follow our post, you will notice that our readers are always delighted at the comprehensive unbiased review we give as can be seen in The Billion Coin, Titan Coin Club, Remitano, Paxful and so many others.

I am going to furnish you with information regarding TCC, its plans and packages. At the end, I will recommend a more secure way to invest your money. I Am going to categorise my findings into subgroups.


Firstly, what is TCC?

This is simply known as trade coin club established in 2016, it’s a norm for companies like this not to have their details publicized when I say details I mean things like owners, location and management team. In other to make you believe It has an office, they rented an office in Belize city for $5,500, set up some computers there and hung a certificate of their company incorporation, presented and owner to talk about the company. This is all deception. The five-minute video below proved that it’s all lies. Watch the video and continue reading.

Trade Coin Club Compensation Plan

Trade coin comprises of three investment plans.

  • Apprentice
  • Trader
  • Senior Trader


Apprentice0.25 - 0.990.358
Trader1 - 4.990.412
Senior Trader5 and above0.4512

Also know that every member is required to pay a 25 percent fee on their earned ROI once in four months, which simply leaves a member with only 75 percent of the promised ROI. 

Trade Coin Club Commissions based on Referrals

Commissions are paid via a compensation structure called uni-level.  This is a structure that places an affiliate above his or her predecessors (personally sponsored affiliates) on level 1. An affiliate in level one moves to level two when they bring in a new affiliate right under them, same happens for an affiliate in level 2 in other to proceed to level 3. Affiliates could be brought in by an affiliate direct downline or indirect downline (people under one’s’ affiliate). Affiliates can actually benefit from their downlines that are within level 1 to level 8.

Some percentage of money is being paid to affiliates based on the fractions of their downlines (uni-level team) deposits. These percentages are

  • Apprentice – An apprentice affiliate gets 10 percent on level 1, 3 percent on level 2, 3 percent on level 3 and 1 percent on the fourth level.
  • Trader – Affiliates on the trader plan gets 10 percent on level 1, 3 percent on level 2, 2 percent on the third level and then finally 1 percent on level 4 to level 6.
  • Senior Trader – this plan seems to be huge though its capital is large too. An affiliate of this plan gets 10 percent on level 1, 3percent on level 2, 2 percent on level 3 and final 1 percent on level 4 to level 8

Trade Coin Club Achievement Bonus based on Rank

There is a rank achievement bonus based on rank, it is determined by the amount of bitcoin that is being earned by an affiliate via binary commissions monthly.

310Montblac Pen
450A Cruise
5100Free pass for an international Caribbean travel cruise
6200Rolex Watch
7500Corolla Car
8750BMW 320 Car
91500BMW Z4 Car
105000BMW 18 Car
1110000Lamborghini Huracan car

There is also a platform for residual income commissions which is based on binary compensation structure

Here your downline investment will be calculated on daily basis, both sides of your binary team will be counted differently and you will be paid commissions based on the weaker side of it. This amount depends on your rank in the manner listed below

  • Apprentice – Here an affiliate gets 8 percent (capped at 2BTC per day)
  • Trader – Here an affiliate gets 9 percent (capped at 10 BTC per day)
  • Senior Trader – Here is 10 percent (capped at 15BTC per day)

Finally, members can get recruitment commissions via a 3 x 12 matrix. If an affiliate happens to fill a position they get 0.003 BTC a month as long as each member keeps up with their monthly fee.

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Conclusion on Trade Coin Club

To Know Ponzi schemes and avoid them, let us compare Ponzi and true trading

Differences between Trading Platforms and Ponzi Scheme

Trading PlatformPonzi Scheme
Trade currenciesDo not trade currencies
Pays its members and workers from profits madePays its old members with new members money
Interest and payments to members are not always bogusHave more enticing profits and bonuses
Longer life Spam and more reliableLesser Life spam and could fold at any time. They cash out and close the business when the number new members reduces.

From our discussions and analysis above you will notice that every source of income comes from new members and none of any external business. The system keeps getting income and allocating this income to its members. It’s obvious that this is a Ponzi/MLM marketing business and without an investment plan and a good management team, this system is heading towards a rock. It’s most likely going to collapse. 

I for certain will definitely not go into this and I would not advise a friend or to go into such. New Ponzi Schemes come almost every day while more crashes daily. If you want to invest in Ponzi, be the first to invest and the first to pull out. Even at that, you might still lose your money.

Remember you can’t get rich by wasting the little you have.

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