Top 9 NEO and GAS Wallets – Which is the Best?

NEO top 9 wallets

NEO is a cryptocurrency that did exceptionally well last year, It value increased by 21000% in 2017 alone. Investors have predicted that it will also do well in 2018 considering that it is the only outstanding Ethereum contender backed by the Chinese government and some big shot companies like Alibaba. If you are looking to invest in NEO, you will need a NEO wallet. Here are the top 9 wallets to store your NOE and GAS.

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Top 9 Wallet to store NEO and GAS

NEO wallets can be grouped into 6 categories:

  • hardware wallet
  • desktop wallet
  • mobile wallet
  • web wallet
  • paper wallet, and
  • exchange wallet.

Hardware Wallet.

Hardware wallet has proved to be one of the safest wallets because they are not liable to attack since they are offline. You can literally carry your cryptos around in your pocket with the hardware wallet. These kinds of wallet give you exclusive access to your private keys. The downside to hardware wallet is that if you lose the hardware wallet, you have lost your coins. The only hardware wallet that supports NEO is the Ledger S. You can store NEO and 26 other cryptocurrencies on your Ledger S. This can be purchased from the Ledger Website.

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Desktop wallet.

To use the desktop wallet, you have to download it onto your computer. They are similar to the hardware wallet in the sense that you have exclusive access to your private keys. They include

NEO GUI: This is the official NEO desktop wallet. However, it is only compatible with Windows. You cannot use it on Mac or Linux.

NEON Wallet: This is a NEO desktop wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux.  This wallet is quite popular amongst NEO holders. This is probably because of its ease of use, and well-equipped features, you can hold NOE and Gas as well as claim GAS in these wallets.

The NEON wallet is not developed by the NEO developers but by “City of Zion”, however, they do not store your private keys on their server, you have exclusive access to it.

Mobile Wallet:

If you wish to carry your New NEO in your mobile phone, then official NEO mobile wallet is your best bet. It is available for both Android and IOS. You can also store NEO and GAS as well as claim GAS when using this wallet.

Web Wallet.

Just like the name implies web wallets are wallet you can access from any computer with an internet connectivity. There are three webs wallets approved by the NEO community. These wallets allow you to store NEO and GAS also allowing you to claim GAS while holding NEO. They are:

NEO Tracker

NEO Wallet .cn and

NEO Wallet .net

Paper Wallet

The paper wallet is an alternative to the hardware wallet. This is because unlike the hardware wallet, you don’t buy it, you simply print it. You can store NEO and GAS in the paper wallet but you cannot claim GAS. You can download a paper wallet from ANSY.

Exchange Wallets:

These are cryptocurrencies exchange where you can trade cryptocurrencies. You can exchange other cryptos for NEO in these platforms as well as store them (although not advised). Most exchanges provide wallet for NEO and GAS; however, you cannot claim GAS while holding NEO in these exchanges. They include Binance, Bittrex etc.

If you want to receive NEO for payment for good and services, coinpayment. Provides you with these services.

Conclusion – Which is the Best Wallet?

It really comes down to what you want. But first, paper wallet and exchange wallet will not allow you claim GAS while holding NEO. Secondly, exchanges have been hacked in the past. You might need them purchase NEO, however, when you do, it is advisable to move them to a more secure wallet.

Desktop and mobile wallet might be more secure since they are domicile to your device and therefore reducing the risk of someone with your password gaining access to it since the person will also have to have your device as well. Web wallet can be accessed from anywhere and from most internet enables devices. This makes them quite convenient but also increases the risk because an individual with your device may try to access your wallet from anywhere. There are security features, however, such as 2FA to mitigate against these attempts.

Now that you have chosen a wallet, go to changelly or Ngexchanger to purchase NEO and GAS.

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