Top Crypto Movers On Twitter

Twitter as a social media is a place where information moves very fast. A single tweet on a crypto-coin can cause a huge pump or dump.

It’s always good to follow the news for fundamentals as this influences the market in every way. The popular saying is “BUY THE RUMOR AND SELL THE NEWS”. This means when a rumor spreads about a coin you should probably buy against when the actual news is released before you sell because as the rumor will cause a huge volume rushing in. At the release of the actual news, the dumpers come in.

Below are some influencers of the crypto market on Twitter. There are more but these are my personal picks.


John Mcafee

John McAfee has grown and developed respect I the tech industry and indeed knows his stuff except that he sometimes could be grumpy but nevertheless, he’s made a name in the crypto world and does makes the market sometimes.


Chris Dunn

This guy is the lord of technical analysis. If you like technical predictions on a long-term scale then here’s your man. He is an active investor in this ecosystem and has quite a lot of insights when it comes to finance and cryptocurrency in general. With his goal to help 100,000 people successfully invest in cryptocurrencies, there’s no reason not to keep an eye on Chris Dunn right now. He was once impersonated on twitter but the fraudster was debunked.


Andreas Antonopoulos

This guy indeed gives genuine advice and predictions. Whether you admit or not, sometime in your crypto journey you will encounter him on Twitter sooner or later. The author of two prominent cryptocurrency-related books has built an immense following which continues to grow as the popularity of cryptocurrency rises.


Vitalik Buterin

AKA the “boy genius” of crypto — is a co-founder of decentralized cryptocurrency platform Ethereum. He’s Canadian/Russian and in his early twenties. Named to the Forbes 30 under 30 lists. In January of 2017, Buterin had about 40,000 Twitter followers. Today, his following is over 514,000.


Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is the ex-director of engineering at Coinbase and the creator of Litecoin. He’s active on Twitter, keeping up with every turn and hard fork in the road. He, too, has seen a massive follower growth in 2017 — from under 30K earlier this year to about 558,000 at the latest check. He made headlines back in December for announcing he sold and donated his Litecoin stake to avoid conflicts of interest while overseeing the cryptocurrency’s growth.


Spencer Bogart

Spencer Bogart also makes that CoinDesk list and was one of the first Wall Street analysts to focus on cryptocurrencies. He’s now a researcher for investment fund Blockchain Capital, and also shows up on Forbes with some stuff that’s written in layman’s terms.


Willy Woo

Willy Woo gives one of the best chart analysis in the crypto industry.


Peter Brandt

Peter Brandt is an author and commodity trader now also trades and offers commentary and charts on bitcoin.


Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee describes himself as a veteran crypto trader and entrepreneur, blogging at Aluna Crypto Blogspot. For example, in “Top 5 things cryptocurrency traders can learn from poker players,” he talks about how much you should really risk (the answer: a tiny percentage of your overall capital).


Vinny Lingham

It is safe to say Vinny Lingham‘s followers have a love-hate relationship with the man. While his insights are always intriguing, he also manages to go against the overall sentiment of the industry at times. Then again, one of his companies is trying to bring blockchain technology to the digital identity sector, which will undoubtedly yield some interesting results. Like him or not, Vinny’s advice should always be kept in the back of one’s mind.


If you are a crypto enthusiast and you have a twitter account, these guys are worth following and you should follow them. However, make sure you are following the right person because there are lots of other persons trying trying to impersonate them to deceive people.

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