Top 5 Ripple (XRP) Wallets – Best Wallet to Store Ripple

The exceptional increase in the values of the  Ripple coin XRP in 2017 has generated a lot of attention towards this coin. Ripple XRP rose by 39000% in 2017 alone. Between December 2017 and January 2018, it rose by 1000%. The problem faced by many investors who want to purchase this coin is how to store this coin as there are not much wallet providers for it as there are for bitcoin.

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Here are the top 5 Ripple wallet provider to store your ripple. However, you should note that unlike bitcoin, ripple wallets are not free, they cost a one-time fee of 20 XRP to secure. So if you send 100 XRP to your ripple wallet, 20 XRP will be used to secure it while you are free to spend the remaining 80 XRP. You can have as many XRP wallet as you want, but you will have to pay 20 XRP to secure each of them. So, I advise you choose a Ripple wallet you feel is best for you so that you pay only once.

Top 5 Ripple XRP Wallet


1. Ledger Nano S.

Ledger is a hardware wallet for 27 cryptocurrencies including ripple XRP. Hardware wallets are the safest kind of wallet. Because they are offline, you can literally carry then in your pocket. They are not prone to attacks by hackers like online wallets.  The downside to hardware wallets is that if you lose the device, you lose all the currency you have in it. You also have to purchase it. Ledger Nano is sold at about 79Click here to buy.

These 11 minutes Video by Harsh show how to configure and use the Ledger Nano S.


2. Rippex.

Rippex is a desktop wallet made exclusively for ripple. Just like the hardware wallet, it is offline giving you full control of your coin. You will have to download the application to your computer to use this wallet. There is no mobile version yet.

Download Rippex


3. Gatehub:

Gatehub is the official online wallet for Ripple. Users can easily buy and sell Ripple XRP on these platforms. It has an awesome interface and shows you real-time stats and market trend of ripple. however, have been reported to have been hacked in the past and users have reported losing their ripple.


4. CEX is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy and store ripple and other cryptocurrencies. To receive ripple on CEX, go to finance, identify Ripple and click on deposit. You will be shown your wallet address through which you can receive ripple. Alternatively, you can exchange other currencies for ripple in the CEX exchange. Other cryptocurrency exchanges that offer the same service include,, Bittrex,            


5. Coinpayment:

If you are a merchant and wish to receive payment for goods and service in ripple XRP, then coinpayment is for you. Coinpayment not only provides you with wallet for ripple and other cryptocurrencies but also enable you to integrate it with your online store to receive payment.


Top 5 Ripple XRP wallets at a Glance 

Wallet ProviderTypeOperational Cost
LedgerHardware Wallet79€ + 20 XRP
RippexDesktop Wallet0.2% + 20 XRP
GateHubOnline Wallet0.3% + 20 XRP
CEXExchangeVariable + 20 XRP
CoinPaymentPayment System0.5% + 20 XRP


There you have it. These are top 5 Ripple (XRP) wallet of 2018.

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