5 Best Exchanges to Buy & Sell NEO and GAS in Nigeria

NEO has generated a lot of attention as it value rose by 21,000% in 2017 alone. The possible explanation is the backing It has from the Chinese government and some big companies like Alibaba and Microsoft. Investors have predicted that NEO will be one of the best performing cryptocurrency of 2018. Here are the Top 5 exchanges to buy & sell the two NEO currencies NEO and GAS.

Before you buy NEO/GAS, you have to have a wallet to store it. If you don’t have a wallet already, Click here to read the top 9 NEO/GAS wallet.

Top 5 NEO & GAS Exchanges.


Buy Litecoin on changelly

This is one of the favourite exchanges to buy cryptocurrency. It is fast, easy and the fees are quite low. You can buy NEO it two major ways 1. with your Debit or Credit Card or 2. By exchanging it with 21 other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, ripple, etc.

Buy NEO on Changelly



Litebite is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Netherland. You can buy and sell NEO, GAS and 50 other cryptocurrencies on Litebit. This exchange can pride itself to meet the vast cryptocurrency demand of people because the received over 400,000 signups in few weeks of opening. Litebit offers user different method of buying cryptocurrencies with fiat such as SEPA, iDEAL, Bank Transfer etc. If you are not resident in Europe, you might not be able to buy cryptocurrencies on Litebit.

Buy NEO on Litebit



Buy NEO in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria, and you wish to buy NEO from and indigenous then Ngexchanger is the best. They exchange more cryptos than any other exchange in Nigeria. You will definitely love this exchange as their website is quite user-friendly and support service in top notch. They are very responsive when contacted via WhatsApp, call or online chat. When buying NEO, you can pay by bank transfer, with your Debit/Credit Card or by cash at their Port Harcourt office.

Buy NEO on Ngexchanger



Buy NEO on in Nigeria On Naira2Usd

This is another exchange in Nigeria that is comparable to Ngexchanger. Naira2usd upgraded their site in January 2018 to give their customers a better user experience. You can buy NEO and other cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and bitcoin on naira2usd. Their office is located in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Buy NEO on Naira2usd



buy NEO on binance

Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms. You can buy NEO and many other cryptocurrencies on Binance. But the thing with trading platforms is that you cannot deposit fiat in them. Other trading platforms include bittrex, Poloniex, CEX etc.

Buy NEO on Binance


There you have it, these are the top exchanges to buy and sell NEO in Nigeria, however, it is not limited to Nigeria as money of these exchanges offer their service to a global audience.

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