Recently there have been lots of hype about Titan Trade club; I won’t be surprised if you have heard of it. It’s been gaining momentum of late, especially on social media.

I will like to give you a comprehensive review about this club but before I proceed I will like to inform you that I am in no way an associate or affiliate of Titan Trade club. My review will be based on my research and experience. I have reviewed similar Scheme a this in the past such as; Trade Coin Club, Bitcoin5, Bitcoiners Hump, Bitcoinaire Club, etc.

The question that may be on your mind right about ‘Titan Trade Club’ which I have provided comprehensive answers to are;

Could Titan Trade Club is a Scam?

What can I benefit from this club?

Is it a wise investment platform?

I will answer those questions above in this review.


What is Titan Trade Club?

Going through the Titan Trade Club website I noticed that there was no information on who owns or runs this company. Its launched date or where it is being managed from is also not made open on the website. I observed that the domain name of Titan Trade Club was registered privately on the 18th of July 2017, since it was registered privately I was not able to get further details on the registration.

Further research led me to discover the source of a marketing video that was published on the Titan Trade club website. This video was originally uploaded in a YouTube channel in which the owner of the account is William Heloy. I also found out that William Heloy stays in Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo is located in Brazil. I will say that William Heloy has some sort of connection with Titan Trade club. Although I can’t actually say his extent of involvement in this club.

What are the product lines for Titan Trade Club?

I will tell you that there is absolutely no product line for this club. They sell nothing to people. They neither render goods or services to people, the only thing they have to offer to incoming members is their affiliate membership.

What is the Compensation Plan for Titan Trade Club?

Affiliates of Titan Trade Club are asked to invest a minimum of 0.05 BTC for to qualify for an ROI. Titan Trade Club is categorized into four major ranks as shown in the table below

Titan Trade Club Ranks

Please note that the company takes 15% of your earned ROI every 87 days.

Affiliates Rank

There are 10 levels in Titan Trade Club. Affiliates could earn on more than one level.

  • Bronze affiliates earn 8 percent on level 1, 2 percent on level 2 and 3 affiliates respectively.
  • Silver affiliates earn 9 percent on level 1, 2% on level 2,3 and 4, for level 5 they earn 1%
  • Gold affiliates earn 10% on level 1, 2% on level 2 to 4 and finally 5% for level 5 to 7 affiliates.
  • Platinum affiliates earn 11% on level 1, 2% on level 2 to 4, 5% on level 5 to 9 and 2% on level 10.
Titan Trade Club Compensation Plan

Titan Trade Club Compensation Plan

In Titan Trade Club, residual commissions are also being paid in a binary compensation model. This model puts an affiliate on top of a binary team also it separates the team into a left and right side.

Affiliates could also earn via recruitment commission. Recruitment commission rewards affiliates for bringing in new people into the Titan Trade Club.

What do you need to Join Titan Trade Club?

All you need to do in other to be a member of Titan Trade Club is to make a minimum investment of about 0.05 BTC. Although you could increase your invested fund to make more ROI.

Can we say Titan Trade Club is a scam?

Am sure you must have heard a lot of stories about this club and some of them are not good.

From what you have read above, can you give an honest opinion about it? Can you decide if it is a scam or not?

Is it really a Scam?

I will say that Titan Club is not really a scam, although you should be aware of some important facts about it. See my conclusion for details.


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Conclusion on Titan Trade Club

If you are conversant with or other bitcoin websites, you must have seen a lot of review on MLM opportunities. There are lots of them with great reward and compensation plans that claim to generate ROIs through bitcoin mining and trading, this is exactly what Titan Trade Club claims to be their source of income “Trading”.

Based on my research and review above, I will say that there is no proof that this club actually does any form of mining or trading. I will simply say that newly invested funds from incoming affiliates are actually being used to pay old affiliates. This is exactly how Ponzi schemes work.

I will say that Titan Trade Club is simply a Ponzi scheme. Am sure that this is no longer a new trend in the society. The only guaranteed beneficiaries of this club are the admins, Willian Heloy and those who join early enough and have excellent marketing skill. Once there is a decline in the recruitment of new affiliates, this club is going to go down and a lot of people will be at the losing end.

Please if you must go into this business make sure you;

  1. work on your marketing skills.
  2. You don’t invest all your money
  3. take out your profit as soon as you can. do not re-invest your capital

I believe my review on Titan Trade club was useful to you. If you enjoy the review, please click on the facebook/twitter logo below to share.

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