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How to Make a Living from Crypto-Trading

I learnt crypto trading when I met Luke. Luke is a full-time crypto trader. He started trading with a capital of $500 and grew it to $50,000 in a year. Luke uses a very simple strategy. He trades directly from the chart history. His strategy is so simple that even a 10-year-old can apply it. If you can apply patience, keep your emotions in check and follow this strategy to the letter then you can watch your capital grow.

Being active in the crypto trading world, I have come to filter out only two strategies that work in crypto trading and altogether four ways to making a living from trading.

  1. Trading applying Luke’s method
  2. Trading applying the divergence method
  3. Copy trader method: Copy professional traders with the click of a button
  4. Investment Trading: you invest in a trading company and receive ROI

Right now, I have a detailed tutorial on Number 3. How to make a living copying Traders on 1broker. This process is automated. You simply choose the trader to copy, enter the amount to copy each of his trades with and click on copy. However, if you don’t copy the right trader and enter the correct parameter to copy the trade with, you can make a loss even if the trader you copy is making a profit.

My detailed Tutorial takes care of this. It shows how to identify the right trader to copy and how to enter parameters to ensure you make a profit. It clearly shows how you can grow a trading capital of $150 (NGN 54,000) to $10,000 (NGN 3.6 million) in 12 months.

To make this even more easy for my readers, I created a free telegram channel where I give tips with analysis on traders to copy each month and how to set parameters for each trader.

This information is free for now. I might put a price tag on it later. However, to access the full tutorial, you will have to share.

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