KeepKey vs Trezor Review 2018 — Which Is Better Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?

KeepKey vs Trezor —

For some time, Trezor was the only available bitcoin hardware wallet. Today, however that monopoly has been challenged through the rise of other cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Some have been said to be better than the Trezor hardware wallet because they were built with the Trezor model and further enhanced to have a competitive advantage over it.

Luckily for we users, the creation of new hardware wallets creates competitions between the wallet providers; this competition has led to price reductions and enhanced features. However, choosing the right wallet has become a challenge to many.

This article seeks to compare two of the most popular hardware wallets in the market today – KeepKey and Trezor. They will be compared based on the following categories

  • Price
  • Screen
  • Security
  • Set up
  • Size and design
  • Software compatibility

Comparing them through these categories should be able to help you point out the better wallet, thereby helping you make a smarter purchase decision.

Without much ado, let’s get on with – KeepKey vs Trezor.


keepkey vs trezor



At this point, we assume you already know the importance and security benefits derived from owning a hardware wallet. However, the following article details their benefits.

The first thing on every rational buyer’s mind is the price of a product. Therefore, it is only logical that we start this comparative analysis from the price category.

The KeepKey hardware wallet is currently selling at $129 (N46,504 Naira) while the Trezor hardware wallet can be gotten at $106 (N38,300 Naira) (at the time this article was written). From the following, we can clearly see that the KeepKey is a bit more expensive than the Trezor, making the Trezor a great choice for those on a strict budget.



A majority of hardware wallet users agree that a screen is a vital component to any hardware wallet; it ensures sensitive information’s like backup seeds, PIN codes and private keys are not leaked out to third party devices or malwares. To this effect, most quality hardware wallets come with built-in display screens, and that includes our beloved KeepKey and Trezor.


KeepKeys screen

keepkey vs trezor


Trezors screen

keepkey vs trezor


The Trezor wallet comes with an OLED screen that gives its users full control over their transactions, KeepKey, on the other hand, comes with a larger screen that looks clearer than that of the Trezor, However, this adds to the device’s weight.

But frankly — who cares about a little extra weight? A clearer display always comes first.

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KeepKey vs Trezor



Both wallets come with similar security features. However, the difference lies in the fact that, the KeepKey is basically a small computer while the Trezor uses 2 secured chips. Both hardware wallets can be safely used on any computer, as they are both fully immune to virus and malware attacks.

The bottom line is, they are both equally secure.



Setting up both devices is relatively easy, their setup process is basically the same and requires just a few minutes to complete. All you have to do is, create a PIN Code and write down your recovery seed.

It is important that you backup your recovery seed in a safe place in case you forget it or something. Most hardware wallets come with recovery cards where you can safely write down your backup seed


SIZE AND DESIGN — KeepKey Vs Trezor

You can argue that a hardware wallet’s outward appearance doesn’t matter, all that matters is its security. However, moving around with an iPhone 4s, for example, is far more convenient than moving with a brick in your pocket.

Speaking of size, the Trezor device is smaller than the KeepKey. However, the display screen on the KeepKey device is larger than that on the Trezor, giving it an advantage in the sense that, its backup process can be done using a cipher, leaking fewer data in the process.


KeepKey’s button

trezor vs keepkey


Trezor’s Buttons

trezor vs keepkey

Furthermore, the KeepKey device is made of aluminium and has just one physical button as against the Trezor device which is made of plastic and has two physical buttons. It is argued that the plastic nature of the Trezor device makes it more resistant to drops, while the aluminium body of the KeepKey makes it a bit fancier.

If you are a fan of ‘style’, you should go for the KeepKey, while those who move around a lot will surely prefer the Trezor.

However, I think security is all that matters.

KeepKey vs Trezor



Software’s are essential to all crypto hardware wallets, it is impossible to use a hardware wallet independently without software as they serve to interact and command the wallet.  I shall list the most prominent wallet software’s below and their compatibility with our contesting hardware wallets.


KeepKey vs Trezor



The Trezor wallet is more affordable and can be gotten for $23 (N8,300 Naira) less than the KeepKey hardware wallet. However, there are other aspects you should look out for as well. The Keepkey has a single button which makes it easier to transact with it, as against the Trezor which has 2 distinct buttons.

Furthermore, if you move a lot and will like something portable to carry around with you, I suggest you go with the Trezor hardware wallet; it is also a perfect fit for those in love with durability.

However, the KeepKey is a great choice for those in love with ‘style’. it has a larger screen and its design is far sleeker than the Trezor. Both wallets are a lot safer than traditional custodial wallets and exchanges, it is best you get one for yourself.

Better be safe than sorry, a stitch in time they say saves nine.

Buy Trezor

Buy Keepkey


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