Getting Started with Bitcoin

Congratulations and welcome to the world of bitcoin. You have chosen to be in full control of your money. the following are the major things you need to get started.

  1. Bitcoin Wallet
    Bitcoin have not physical representation so it is held electronically using what is called bitcoin wallet. The bitcoin wallet is similar to a bank account, but there are differences so I will further explain in below using their differences
    Bank AccountBitcoin Wallet
    local currency (Naira) Bitcoin
    BankWallet Provide
    Account Number(usually one)
    (eg 0923413423)
    Wallet Address (unlimited)
    (eg 1E2RQg44Ejucv5J9VSVezyVvZVLmQxXWJB)

    the bitcoin wallet is free and easy to create, what you basically need is your email address and phone number if you want to tighten your security to your account. also unlike the bank, the wallet provider does not have access to your bitcoin. it is solely controlled and can only be accessed by you.
    Now go ahead and open a Bitcoin wallet using or
  2.  Funding your wallet
    Once you have created a bitcoin wallet, the next thing it to credit it with bitcoin. to credit you bitcoin wallet you have to employ the services of a bitcoin exchange, you will pay them into their bank account in naira and they will credit your account with the equivalent in bitcoin. the same thing goes when you want to convert your bitcoin to naira. there are lots of reputable bitcoin exchanges in Nigeria, they include,,,,, etc. once you have funded your wallet, you can leave you bitcoin there and watch as the value continue to increase. I recommend you save your money in bitcoin because no other currency appreciates in value like bitcoin. If you want to increase multiply your bitcoin even as the value increases, then to go step 3 below
  3.  Start investing an earning bitcoin.
    Go to the investment section of this site to see the recommended bitcoin investment platform