Review: Five2btc Just Another Ponzi Scheme like Zarfund

Welcome to my Review page on Five2btc

There is lots of hype going on about Five2btc, many people who deal on bitcoin are trying to find a way of investing their bitcoin and some have decided to go into Five2btc. I hear lots of stories about it both the good and bad ones. Today I am going to give you a comprehensive review about Five2btc. Before I proceed I will like to inform you that I am not an affiliate or promoter of this business, although I have had a very strong experience of this business.

Is Five2btc Legit or Scam?

Can it actually deliver as promised?

What is Five2btc?

FIVE2BTC is not an online business, HYIP, REVSHARES, PTC. FIVE2BTC is a user community where people help each other with donations. FIVE2BTC gives a comprehensive platform that helps millions of users around the world to connect to those who need help for those who are willing to help. Going through their website I noticed that it actually looks so good, nice designs but also noticed that it lacks a lot of information including basic information.

Owners of this site were never mentioned neither was its support team identified. There is also no record on the founding fathers. I would say that this is not a good sign. The only name you see on the welcome page is David Vincente Martin.

From my research I observed that Five2btc was officially launched in September 2016, and it was a private registration. Private registrations are always carried out in a classified manner. There was no record of where the registration was done or who did the registration.

Scam in Five2Btc

Are there products in Five2Btc?

There are no products in this business. No sales is being made, nothing is being marketed or sold to customers, No goods and no services. Although they could offer affiliate membership to incoming members. Companies like this are no longer new in the society and it is quite obvious that there is no chance for any retail sales activity, perhaps this is a general trend with MLM companies.


Compensation Plan for Five2Btc

Five2btc gives you the opportunity to accumulate 64 bitcoins monthly. Yes 64. Remember how much a bitcoin is worth. You start with 0.01 bitcoin (24,000 naira) and grow this figure to 64 bitcoin (150 000000).

Getting started on Five2BTC

Five2btc is a 2×5 forced matrix. You sign up for free and you’re placed on level 0. The system gives you 24 hours to upgrade to level 1. To upgrade to level 1 you donate 0.01 btc (N24000) to your sponsor. You are given your referral link and are ready to start making money.

Hang on!

You only invite two people and no more. Even if you bring more than 2 people the system will not place them directly under you, but under the first 2 people you brought in- this is called the spillover effect. (I will show you how to bring 10 people without having to talk to anyone of them)


The first 2 people you bring will form your level 1 downline. Each of them will pay you 0.01 btc (0.01 btc = N24000 x 2 = N48,000) 100% ROI. Now this continues to level 5, which is the final level as summarized below



It will interest you to know that these payments are done monthly. Which means on level 3, you are already on a monthly income of N768,000. For a business you started with just N24000? That’s something!


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My Conclusion on Five2BTC

I will be plain and simple in my conclusion because I have actually tried this before and it didn’t work out. I carried out a lot of marketing and advertising strategy but there were lots of challenges and hindrances in the network system.

The most challenging is that every level expires after a given period of time (about 1 month) whether you are being paid or not, it expires and expects you to renew or move to the next level. In a situation where you were not able to meet up you are expected to get money from somewhere else and pay (which is not wise)

Secondly some people might not want to upgrade to the next level, hence you won’t get anything from the if they are to be your down liner, this will really make it hard for you since you expect them to pay you so you can move to the next stage. You can decide to wait for the next person to pay you but remember that your time is running out.

I will really advice you sit this one out, the only guaranteed beneficiary here is David Vincente Martins. Other incoming persons will benefit little or nothing at the end of the day.


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