Just like many Bitcoin Forks have occurred in the past, this year we are expecting a fork from Ethereum which will give birth to EtherZero.

In the past, two other Ethereum forks have been announced. Both forks had troubles with their fork height which changes several times. The previous fork troubles caused many trading platforms to lose their trust in Ethereum fork. This time around we expects a totally different and outstanding performance form this upcoming fork. This fork will bring about etherzero (ETZ). I personally expect it to become the most successful Ethereum hard fork. Keep reading as I uncover the myths behind etherzero.

Things you should know about Etherzero

  • Expected time of Occurrence – 19th January 2018 (GMT) between 19:00 – 21:00
  • Fork Height: 4936270 block
  • Quantity: It has a total supply of 116 million ETZ
  • After the fork, each Ethereum distributes 1 ethereumzero
  • New Increase: about 6 million ETZ per year
  • Reserve: 20 million will be reserved for subsequent development

Unique Features of Etherzero

  1. Master node system – firstly I will like you to understand what a node is. A node is an active electronic device that is attached to a network. A node is capable of creating, receiving or transmitting information over a communication channel. I will simply say a node is just a computer in a network that communicates with other computers in that same network. Master node is commonly found in the Dash ecosystem. A master node specializes in carrying out transactions such as instant send and PrivateSend, while the nodes do the mining that creates new coins.
  2. It has a Zero(0) transfer fee. it meets any requirement of DAPP’s(decentralized application) development, arrangement and operation
  3. Autonomous community governance system
  4. Payments could be made instantly
  5. It has two layer network system with high scalability which allows DAPP to be used by mainstream people.

There are speculations that if EtherZero meets its market value up to 10% of the Ethereum, its market price(per unit) will hit 70 USD theoretically. You can simply join by purchasing Ethereum now from Remitano or ngexchanger and store in your blockchain wallet before the split date.

Work Plan for EtherZero

  • EtherZero network was released in January 2018 in other to achieve a 0 transaction costs and anti DDOS(Distributed Denial of service) attack. A DDOS attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt an online service from its users; this is done by temporarily interrupting or suspending the services of its hosting server.
  • By February 2018, EtherZero will finish issuing out theEtherZero candy, they will allow the main line to achieve the zero transaction cost and anti-DDOS attack.
  • By March 2018, A decentralized application and a mobile wallet will be released to promote the ecological development of the user.
  • The first quarter of 2018 will be used to test the master node on Tesnet.
  • In the second quarter of 2018, the master node will be successfully tested on Mainnet. This time real-time transactions will be realized together with higher transaction concurrency(over 1000TPS).
  • In the fourth quarter of 2018, Master node optimization version will be launched online, it will support tens of thousands of Transaction processing systems (TPS).
  • As from early 2019, star DAPP application competition will commence and launch a long-term developer reward program.

Investors are welcome to EthereumZero

Investors are highly welcome to invest in etherZero. About 2 million EtherZero are up for sale to early investors at a fair price. The main idea of selling is to promote ETZ and help it gain a niche in big exchanges. You can send a mail to for more details or purchase Ethereum and await the split.

Exchanges that supports EtherZero

There is little information circulating regarding which exchanges will be supporting this fork. However, as a fork of the Ethereum blockchain, ETZ will be compatible will Ethereum wallets such as Metamask, MyEtherWallet, imToken, Trezor, and Ledger.

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