Easy Access to Buying Bitcoin in Nigeria.

If you’re in any African country and you’re looking for a platform to buy  Bitcoin at the most cost-effective price,  your best choice is Bolenum Exchange. Our transactions are quick and straightforward, it takes sellers not more than 5mins to complete a deal. Bolenum Exchange charges an all-time low fee as compared to major players in the market. Bolenum has recently launched and concluded it’s  initial coin offering called the BLN, the native token of the Bolenum platform, listed on CoinMarketCap at a high of around US$7.16 for 1,000 BLN.

In this article, we’ll be looking into the Bolenum Exchange and how the project is trailing to assist you in envisioning where the Bolenum platform is headed in the near future.

What Is Bolenum Exchange?

The Bolenum Exchange is presently at the alpha version of a fully-fledged exchange that Bolenum plans to roll out as a part of its comprehensive roadmap. The Bolenum platform is meant to bring the cryptocurrency revolution to Africa, and to over 1.25 billion people that are presently unaware or not fully aware of the impact that cryptocurrency has on the planet.

It is a known fact that African is behind when it comes to the blockchain technology. The Bolenum team did well to highlight some of these reasons in its whitepaper. There’s presently an absence of public knowledge and news coverage of cryptos in Africa. This is because of the very fact that there’s not much technical literature translated into African languages.

In addition, the number of persons that is aware of the existence of cryptocurrencies or the blockchain technology across African is on the low side. Those who are aware have several barriers that limit them from getting fully involved in it. Several exchanges, for instance, don’t enable people from African nations to even register. In order to tackle these issues, Bolenum has launched Ethereum based token referred to as the Boleno Token or BLN. Launched in an ICO in August 2017, the BLN is specifically designed to significantly increase Africans’ participation in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The BLN which is the official currency of the Bolenum project delivers a medium of storing value outside of hyper inflated African nation currencies as well as functioning as a secure method of payment outside of fiat currency.

The Bolenum Exchange is the second component of the Boleno project and is meant to blend the characteristics of a standard cryptocurrency exchange with a brand new perspective that has peer-to-central Fiat funding, additionally to commercialise cryptocurrencies, the Boleno exchange will support a variety of African fiat currencies. Users of the Boleno Exchange are going to be ready to access a large variety of commercialising tools so as to make good trading choices, in addition to accessing the Bolenum wallet, that supports any Etherereum ERC20 tokens or contract.

It’s nice to check the Bolenum Exchange project starting out with a live exchange, as there was a little doubt from business observers expressing concern over the little display of public face of the Bolenum team, and also the company behind the Bolenum platform. At this point the Bolenum exchange supports BLN and ETH, however, because the platform is in the alpha stage of development, this is to be expected.


Bolenum Exchange is great when it comes support. In plain words, the response rate is quick.

If you wish to contact our customer support, you will have to fill a support ticket,

then we will get back to you within 24 hrs or better still use a ‘live chat’ and get instant response from our experienced customer support team.

Bolenum Exchange Conclusion

While the Bolenum Exchange remains within the early stages of development, it’s showing a good deal of promise and its success will give people in African nations a viable and extremely effective means of value transfer outside of hyperinflated fiat currencies.

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