How to Make a Living Copying Traders on 1Broker

In this article, I am going to show you how to grow $150 to over $10,000 by simply copying traders on 1broker.

Trading in bitcoins is one of the most profitable and sustainable ways to earn a living in bitcoins if you know how to do it right. A lot of Traders live a life of luxury from trading cryptos alone. I have personally met a trader whose grew $500 to $50,000 in less than a year.

The good thing about trading now is that if you cannot trade or have the time to study for it, you can simply copy professional traders at the click of a button. 1broker is a platform that gives you the opportunity to trade CFD and Forex in bitcoins or copy Professional traders.

This article is strictly on how to make 30% to over 100% of your trading volume monthly by copying traders with the click of a button. You can click here to read more on 1broker; its founders, office location, how to navigate through its platform and transaction fees etc.

There are certain strategies you must apply when copying trades. If not, you might lose even if the trader you copy is making a profit. The first month I started copying traders, I lost about 50% of my trading volume even though the trader I was copying returned 527% in profit that month. I did my research and found out where I went going wrong so I drew out some rules that guide me. I started again and was up by 84% of my trading volume in Just two weeks.

I am going to share this strategy with you and how you can implement it. This information is free; you will not pay a dime for it. So get your pen and paper to take notes.

NOTE: Trades are done in bitcoins but I wrote my examples in USD for better understanding.

The tables below show what is achievable in 12 months with a 50% ROI using a trading volume of just $150. The first table shows the return when you withdraw 50% of your profit monthly. While in the second table, all the profits are compounded. I will advise you take profit always as in table 1.

1broker chart 50% ROI withdrawing 50% of profit1


1Broker Chart 50% ROI Monthly1

Copying Traders On 1Broker: How does it work?

When you click to copy a trader, the system will automate the copying on your behalf. All you need to do is to select the trader, enter the amount to copy each trade and enter the maximum number of trader’s trade to be copied per day. Once this is done, any trade the trader makes from then will be copied by you. The trade will also be closed when the trader closes his trade. Also note that once there is no more fund to copy a trade, the copying trade action will stop. It will not continue automatically even when you have the fund unless you initiate copy again.


  • The minimum amount to copy a trade with is 0.001btc (about $6 now) the maximum is 500btc.
  • For each copied trade, you are charged 2% on the profit alone. 1.5% goes to the Trader and 0.5% goes to 1broker.
  • The percentage of your profit you keep is 98%

Are the Traders reputable?

In 1broker, anyone can choose to trade directly or copy traders. However, for a trader to share trades for other to copy, he must meet the following criteria. 1broker place these measures to ensure that only reputable traders can share their trades.

  1. A Trader can only share a trade he made with nothing less than 0.05btc (~ $1,500). This ensures that only professional traders who risk a substantial amount of their own money share trades to be copied.
  2. A trader only makes money from the copier when he closes a trade at profit and its only 1.5% of the copiers profit
  3. Traders past records are made available for anyone to evaluate. This helps in making the decision to copy a trader.
  4. You can communicate with a trader on any trade he made. However, this the communication is not private, anyone can comment. The trader is not also under an obligation to reply you, however, most of them do.

The Winning Strategy to Copying Trades on 1broker

Here are the 4 rules that guide me to averaging 50% of my copy volume monthly. These are the fundamental principles in achieving the chart above.

  1. Make sure you enter a copy amount that will copy all the trades of your selected trader.Supposing I have an account balance of $100 and I choose to copy a trader who makes 6 trades a day. If I enter a copy amount of $30 and a daily limit of 5 trades per day, what this implies is that. I can only copy 3 trades and my fund will be depleted. Also even if I have enough fund. I can only copy 5 trades cos that’s the limit I have set. Going with the first scenario, if the traders make +80% gain on the 3 of the trades and -30% loss on the other 3, he would have made 50% gain on his trade volume for that day. If it happens that I was only able to copy 3 trades, and the 3 trades I copied where the losing trades, I would have made a loss of 30% on my trading volume for that day. This is why it’s important to set your copy amount to accommodate all the trader’s trades.
  2. Make sure you have enough capital to copy all the trades of your chosen trader, for example, A trader might hold up to 20 positions at a time. The minimum amount of BTC required to copy a trade is 0.001btc (~ $6). So to be able to copy all his trade, you will require a minimum of 0.02btc (~ $120). So if you funded your account with $100 and you choose to copy this trader, you will miss some trades of which some may be a high yielding trade.
  3. Leave enough balance in your account to cater for ‘overnight financing’ and traders losing streak.1broker charges 0.07% to 0.2% of a trade for every 24hours it is in holding. This charge is only applicable Monday to Friday. The percentage charged depends on the trade entered.
    A trader holding 20 positions might close 5 of the trades at a loss while still holding 15. He may decide to copy 5 more trades without closing the winning trades. If he does and you do not have enough fund to copy this trades, you will miss out.
    Always leave 30% to %50 of your copy volume to cater for overnight financing and traders losing streak.
  4. Do not copy more than 3 traders at a time.This is personally what I choose to do and not a standard. Each trader has their trading pattern. Some trader might make up to 31 trades and hold for just 7 hours while other might make 10 trades and hold for 4 days. So the more traders you copy the more complex the above rules get.


How to Make a Profit from a Trader even when he is on a Losing Streak.

A trader no matter how good he is will encounter a losing streak once in a while. There are cases where a trader will average 900% ROI monthly for 7 months and have a loss of 1,000% on the 8th month. If you take profit regularly and you follow step 3 above, you will easily recover from this loss. also, 1broker resets negative losses on a trade to zero so might not lose up to 50% of your trade volume. However, you can still make a profit. How?

If you notice the losing streak at the start, you can stop the loss and still make a profit. For example, a trader I was copying was down 250%, I notice there was a trade a that went up +123% but he did not close it. He later closed it at -87%. What I did was that I started closing trades losing at 20% and also closing those at a profit of above 40%. The traders losing streak struck – 1246%, however, he ended the month at -452%. While I used this strategy and closed the month at +30% of my starting volume.


How to choose a trader to copy?

To explain this, let me analyse two traders


Copy Berlinerch 1broker

  1. Name of the Trader
  2. Risk level: the risk level is from 1 to 5: the higher the risk level, the more profit can be made but also the more loss that can be incurred.
  3. The Number of persons currently copying trader
  4. The date the Trader started sharing trades
  5. The performance for the present month
  6. Total reward earned from copied trades. (i.e. 1.5% of the profit of copied Volume)
  7. The total number of bitcoins users’ that copies each trader’s trade.
  8. Performance track record
  9. Average holding time of trader: this is just 6hrs, this means that users copying this trader are unlikely to pay overnight financing
  10. Number of trades in the last 7 days
  11. Total number of trades in the past 12 months
  12. Traded markets.

As you can see, this trader has been consistent in profit making for the past two months. He has a good holding time. He is a great trader to copy. All I need to do is apply the rule to copy him



copy Snortex 1broker

Snortex have been off and on since 2015. He has averaged over 700% gain monthly within the last 7 months. he is to have the highest number of copiers but this number has reduced because is currently having a losing streak.



1broker is the first platform where traders can trade CFD and Forex in bitcoin. One of the major advantage of trading in Bitcoins rather than in USD is that the value of your money increases irrespective of if you are making a profit or not. Copying trades have been proven to be profitable.

However, do not put all your money into trading. Take profit regularly. There are risks in trading or copying trader. You can minimize your risk and maximize your profit regularly updating yourself and learning from what is working for others.

Once you have registered on 1broker and funded your account. You can join our Telegram channel here We share updates on the traders we copy each month and strategy applied.



The above description is not a guarntee that you will make money from copying traders. CFD is risky, Sometime traders make mistakes and you might lose your money. If you choose to proceed, Please invest with money you can afford to lose.

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