Cryptoworld Network Review 2018- Scam Or Legit

cryptoworld network Cryptoworld network has been gaining a lot of attention over the past couple of weeks, and it is not hard to see why.

Crypto world network’s popularity can be attributed to its publicity machine, which has done a great job so far in hoisting its ads all over the internet, especially on social media, blogs and forums.

I believe you have come across an advert trying to promote crypto world network. You are interested but will like to know more about the platform before making a decision. If that be the case, then I am glad to inform you that, you are in the right place.

It might interest you to know that I am not in any way affiliated with crypto world network, and have no reason to promote their business. I have done my research judiciously and whatever you see here is the truth. It is intended to guide you towards making an informed decision.

This review will simply guide you to the truth.

Is crypto world network a scam? Is it legit?

Well, let’s get down to facts.

What Is Crypto World Network?

Taking a critical look at the crypto world network’s official website, you will discover that not much was disclosed. Especially as regards the ownership, legality and the actual location of the website. Even the date this business was founded is not disclosed on their official website.

The only noteworthy information that can be found on the website is the date of its domain name registration; the domain “” was registered on the 1st of November 2017. Besides that, since it was not done publicly, it is impossible to ascertain the location where it took place or whose name it was registered to.

Further research disclosed that members in the network are actually promoting the network as a successor to a defunct platform called Global Moneyline. What this simply means is, the admins of Global Moneyline might have experienced hard times and are resorting to rebranding their platform in a bid to lure in new investors.

A post from Global Moneylines official Facebook page, posted in July 2017 reads as follows:        “Moneyline is announcing a very exciting new division to the company”, “that will enable      you to earn unlimited amounts of cryptocurrency daily!”

August was set as the prelaunch date for the promised new division. But as things turned out, the pre-launch didn’t go as planned. A couple months later in December 2017,  Moneyline took to their official Facebook page to share the following information:

“ATTENTION Moneyliner’s CHECK YOUR EMAIL for the latest updates about the NEW “PRE-LAUNCH” of Moneyline’s sister company on January 2nd, 2018!”

Before going further, I will like to tell you that Moneyline is a pure pyramid scheme. It first got started around the second quarter of 2016 and uses a mailing list to attract investors. New members pay a membership fee of $20 and then proceed to recruit others into the system to do same.

Furthermore, according to statistics sourced from Alexa rankings, it has been discovered that traffic to Moneyline’s website took a nose dive (declined rapidly) around March 2017. Shortly after that, the admins Launched crypto world network.

It is likely that crypto world network was launched to give Global Moneyline a new look so as to woo in new investors.

Products Offered By Cryptoworld Network

Talking about products on offer, Cryptoworld network offers none! There are no goods or services on offer for retail and as such there can be no trade activities for income generation.

The only available income source for its members is the affiliate program, where members are to invite others and earn commissions from their membership fee. Therefore, it is safe to say that, the only thing on sale here is the membership fee.

New affiliates coming into the network are expected to pay a membership fee of N18,000 ($49). Paying N18,000 NAIRA ($49) will allow you access to a forum and social media network that can be found in the cryptoworld network’s website, paying up to N180,000 ($499) will grant you access to an even bigger forum called the “Pro Network” which can also be found in the website.

In addition, to join the “VIP Pro Network”, members are to pay a fee of N360,000 ($999).

Crypto World Network’s Compensation Plan

Here is how Cryptoworld Network works.

Members are required to pay a fresh membership fee on an annual basis (yearly) in order to remain active in the platform. Failure to do so is tantamount to being inactive.

Members earn by recruiting new members. Don’t expect to earn a dime in the Cryptoworld network if you don’t recruit or join through an active sponsor or group.

The network pays commissions through the aid of a binary system. What this means is, positions in the system are filled through direct recruitment by members or indirect recruitment by their sponsors.

Recruiting new members will earn you points. The number of points you get depends on the membership fee paid by the person you recruit. Higher fees mean more points, and more points translate to higher commissions.

In a nutshell, what you have to do is, register — pay your membership fee — recruit new members — recruit —- recruit — recruit — continue recruiting.


How Much Do You Need To Join Cryptoworld Network?

Cryptoworld Network offers three membership options, they include:

  • Networker membership for N18,000 NAIRA ($49)
  • Pro membership for N180,000 NAIRA ($499)
  • VIP Pro membership for N360,000 NAIRA ($999)

Always have this at the back of your mind. “you will have to keep renewing your membership fee every year”, else your account will be deactivated for inactivity.

cryptoworld network

Is Cryptoworld Network a Scam?

In my humble opinion, all pyramid schemes are scams and here is why.

The scheme depends on new members for its sustenance, when new members stop coming it crashes. And hang on a second, everyone who participates in a pyramid scheme is a scammer and not just the owners of the scheme, here is why:

You are aware of the fact that the person you are recruiting will have to recruit to earn else he/she will lose their money. If the person fails to recruit her/she has lost their money to you. Should the person succeed in recruiting new member the chain will continue until the system reaches a saturation point and crashes, when this happens thousands of people will lose their money and at this time, you will be one of those responsible for their lose… believe it or not this makes you a scammer!

cryptoworld network

That aside, some people are of the opinion that cryptoworld network is a scam and at the same time some others who have benefited from it will tell you it is legit.

In Summary

After going through my review you might end up unsure. However, to help you towards making the right decision here are key highlights you should be aware of.

  • Cryptoworld Network is a pyramid scheme
  • The owner of the platform is unknown.
  • Its actual launch date is unknown.
  • Its country of origin is unknown.
  • It offers no tangible products
  • Members earn commissions from recruiting new members into the system
  • There is no guarantee that you will make profit
  • Cryptoworld network is a successor of a failed pyramid scheme called “Global Moneyline”
  • Membership fees are to be paid annually
  • Cryptoworld network has no refund policy

What I Think Of Cryptoworld Network

Here is what I think.

Cryptoworld network is a successor of Global Moneyline (a popular pyramid scheme). It shouldn’t be surprising that it has similar features as Global Moneyline.

Cryptoworld network has no retail products to offer to its affiliate. The only available source of income is the membership fee paid by new members.

Despite the unavailability of retail products, cryptoworld network still try’s to deceive people with messages such as these: “Retail customer profits: Cryptoworld Network offers you the opportunity to establish a base of retail customers whose products/services purchases generate retail profit”

What products/services?

The website is full of false claims. Cryptoworld Network is just another pyramid scheme that will eventually crash.

I advise you invest your time and money somewhere else.

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