Scam Alert!!! “Xtreme Coin” – Is it Legit? – All You Need to Know

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Xtreme coin awareness is increasing by the day and many people are being lured into putting their money in this scheme. in the guise that it is a bitcoin trading platform. Take your time to read through as I expose them with details.

What is Xtreme Coin?

Going through their website, I was highly disappointed. The only clear information on the site is telling us that they bear the name “Xtreme Coin”. There is no information on who owns or who runs the company. There is also no address or any information telling us where this company is being managed from.

Based on my research I was able to discover that the domain name for xtreme coin’s website was registered in May 2017. It was a private registration and in private registrations, details about the registration are always kept private. Registrations like this are not new in this type of MLM businesses, although they claim to be transparent. I came across a video titled “Xtreme Coin Launch” on youtube with the account name of Darren Little. In that video, they were talking about Xtreme Coin and he mentioned that the person in charge of Xtreme coin is a guy behind Ingreso Cybernetico. It is all over the place that Ingreso Cybernetico was launched in 2014 and it was a Ponzi scheme.

Earlier this year there was a sharp decline in traffic that was being experienced by Ingreso Cybernetico’s site; this simply means that business is no longer booming. I also found out that the chief executive manager of Ingreso Cyberetico was Dwayne Golden though I can’t really say if Golden owns the company.

Is Extreme Coin a Scam?

What are the benefits of Xtreme Coin?

What is the Product line?

Xtreme Coin has no product line, they market nothing to customers. They have no goods to give to customers; the only thing that they can offer is affiliate membership. Also, affiliate membership here comes with a package known as “world-class video training”

What are the Compensation Plans for Xtreme Coin?

Affiliates are being placed in a 2×2 matrix system; basically, this 2×2 matrix system is used to handle all of its investment activity. There are different investment tiers and affiliates are placed in a respective investment tier depending on the amount of money they invest with. They also stand an opportunity of earning based on the amount invested.

There is also a plan known as the “Executive Club”. This membership plan is open to all affiliates though it comes with a price; members of the Executive club are to pay 0.15BTC every year. An affiliate can also earn 0.05BTC for convincing a member o upgrade to this package.

How can you join Extreme Coin?

To be an affiliate of Xtreme coin, you need to make an investment in one of the tiered. The higher you invest, the more you stand to earn.

Can we say Xtreme Coin is a Scam?

Am sure you must have heard all kinds of things ranging from scam to legit. Can you trust what you have heard so far?

What is the truth about Xtreme Coin?

I wouldn’t really call it a scam, although it is not that easy. There are certain things you must know before jumping into it. If you really want to stand a chance of making it here, you should be prepared before going into it. Plan and learn how to market yourself before you go into it.

My Conclusion on Xtreme Coin

Xtreme Coin is simply a Ponzi cycler scheme. They tell you that their company is built based on strong relationship and that they are more than a company, they say it’s a family. We have seen a lot of schemes like this and obviously, we know how they end up.they claim that they could pay as much as three times what you invest but you should know that they will only pay you based on what other affiliates invest. There are no other sources of income outside affiliate’s money.

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Xtreme coin will only survive once people keep coming into it but once there is a decline in its new membership status, then it will be like ingresto Cybernetico. It will crash. As usual, admins are always on the gaining side while most of its affiliates will be left with nothing.

I believe my review was so elaborate for you to take an adequate decision.

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