Review: Is ‘Upto Crypto’ a Scam?

Is Upto Crypto a Scam or Legit?

Did anyone try talking you into upto crypto of lately, I won’t be surprised though. Lately, it has been causing a lot of traffic on social media.

I will like to bring to your knowledge that I am in no way a promoter, an affiliate or distributor of Upto Crypto. I have taken my time to run a comprehensive research and I will be giving you details.

Is Upto Crypto an Opportunity?

Is Upto Crypto Legit?

What is Upto Crypto?

Going through the official website, I noticed that there are no details on who discovered the company, where it is located or being monitored from. The registration was done privately to limit the amount of information going out to the public. The domain name was registered in 2017 precisely 2nd of July. I noticed that the site has some part of it described in French, going through its ranking via Alexa I observed that about 26 percent of its traffic is coming from France.

I would say that their site is currently being managed from France.

What are the products of Upto Crypto?

There are no products associated with Upto Crypto.

No product is offered but there are two ways you can earn.
1. ROI : upto currency trades with your money and pays you a return on your investment or according to how you invested as stated in the table below
2. Affiliate commission

These are the two ways you can earn in upto crypto but the question is ‘do they really pay you this?

keep reading till you get to my conclusion

What is the Compensation Plans for Upto Crypto?

Compensation plan depends on what affiliates invest; affiliates could get an ROI as much as 200 percent of their invested capital.

Below is a table showing ROI payouts

Affiliates can make an additional 10 dollars via referral commissions, which is based on the fund invested by the incoming affiliate. In Upto Crypto ROI is being paid out at the rate of 0.5% and 1% within five days of the week. Members can also make residual commission via the binary system. Members are arranged in a binary pattern, hence there could be indirect recruitment by which a member can benefit from without going through the stress of direct recruitment. Points are added whenever money is invested, finally, Upto Crypto totals a number of points generated throughout the day and awards a 10% bonus to affiliates on the weaker side of the system.

It is possible that an affiliate earns more than five times the amount of money invested via residual commissions, but at a point, such affiliate will be asked to invest more money in other to keep earning.

What do you need to join Upto Crypto?

Joining requires an investment of about $25 to $20,000. Also, members are expected to invest money at intervals in order to keep the compensation coming.

Do you think that Upto Crypto is a scam?

Could Upto Crypto be Legit?

These are quite difficult questions to answer knowing fully well that you must have heard a lot of things from people.

What is the truth about Upto Crypto?

I can’t actually call it a scam. Though you should know some certain things before you go into Upto Crypto.

I will say before you join, you must be prepared by setting out a good strategy on how to market yourself.

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My conclusion on Upto Crypto

They will tell you in here that they can generate funds to cover for the offered ROI through cryptocurrency trading. They say invest and their traders will do the rest, right? We all know that there is no proof to show that their trader is going to do something about it, and we have seen a lot of people using this strategy to win people over.

From my observation, the only source of income in Upto Crypto is payments made by incoming affiliates. Newly invested funds are used to pay ROIs to old affiliates. We all know that this is the deal with Ponzi scheme.

The only guaranteed beneficiaries of this business are are the invincible admins, others stand to lose tremendously. This is just another dimension of Ponzi scheme.

I will say skip this one if you really want to do something with your money.

I believe you got the answers to the questions you seek.

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