Bitcoinaire Club Comprehensive Review | Scam or Legit | All You Need to Know

Bitcoinaire club is getting really popular as the day goes. It is spreading so fast like a wild fire; it’s quite a new opportunity with a lot of hype on social media.

Before I proceed I will like to take an oath in front of you. I am nowhere close to being an affiliate, marketer or stakeholder of Bitcoinaire club. Hence I would like to give you an unbiased review of this club.

I believe that by the time you are done reading this review, you will get to understand properly what bitcoinaire club is all about and also some of your questions would be answered. like:

What are the benefits of Bitcoinaire club?

Is Bitcoinaire club a scam?

Keep reading and you will get the answers you seek.

On reviewing the official website for Bitcoinaire club ( I noticed that there was no substantial information on it, especially on the identity of the owners of the company, its location or even its date of creation.

The domain name for Bitcoinaire club was registered last year; precisely on the 21st of June 2016. It was a private registration, hence details about it was not disclosed.

Bitcoinnaire Review: What are Bitcoinaire Club Product Lines?

Bitcoinaire club has no product. They sell no product and buy no product. The only thing they have to offer is affiliate membership. Although the affiliate program of Bitcoinaire’s club comes in form of package. The package contains video material on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies; numerous digital downloadable product.

Bitcoinnaire Review: Bitcoinaire Compensation Plan

Once you become a member of Bitcoinaire’s club, you will be placed on a 2×5 matrix system. At the initial stage, affiliates are advice to give out 0.0023 BTC as a gift after enlisting with the company. Once a new affiliate gives out 0.0023 BTC, he or she will be eligible to receive 0.0023 BTC from two other incoming affiliates.

The first level of the matrix is completed once an affiliate receives these two payments. After this level, an affiliate can give out 0.0028 BTC in other to advance to level two. The details of the other levels are as in the table below

Bitcoinaires Club Compensation Plan at a Glance

bitcoinaires club compensation plan

bitcoinaires club compensation plan

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Bitcoinnaire Review: How do you join Bitcoinaire Club?

To join Bitcoinaire club, you will need to donate a minimum of 0.0023 BTC to an existing affiliate, but if you want to benefit from all the company’s compensation packages then you will have to donate a total of 0.1199 BTC. The question you might be asking now is:

  • Could Bitcoinaire club be a Scam?
  • What is your thought about it?
  • Is Bitcoinaire club legit?

These questions are actually difficult to answer knowing fully well that there are numerous rumors about it.

Finally, what is the Truth?

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Is Bitcoinaire club a scam or is it a good business?

I wouldn’t call it a scam, though there are few things you should have in mind before you join.

I will say before you join, you have to prepare yourself. Remember nothing is being sold; it’s all about giving out Bitcoin to one another. Commissions are all gotten from incoming affiliates. I would say this is simply a cash gifting scheme.

Cash gifting scheme is actually the trending business these days and it is now common that people now use bitcoin to do their business. Just like every other cash gifting scheme, Bitcoinaire is going to pack up if there is a decline in incoming affiliates else. You should know that the admins of this company are not going to suffer any loss because they will cash out with whatever fund they must have made.

There is definitely no happy ending and I would advise you don’t go into this one.

I believe you must have gotten all the necessary information you need to be able to carry out a proper decision on Bitcoinaire club.

If you insist on going into this one please make sure that you are good with marketing. Best of Luck.

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