‘1000 BTC EZY’ Review 2017 | All you need to Know | Scam Or Legit?

I don’t know if you have noticed the hype on ‘1000 BTC Ezy’ of lately. It is really gaining a lot of crowd with news of it all over social media; before I proceed I will like to tell you that I am in no way a stake holder or an affiliate of 1000 BTC Ezy. The question here is;

  • Is ‘1000 BTC Ezy’ a scam?
  • Can it deliver all its promises?
  • Is it legit?

I believe that by the time you finish reading this review you will be able to answer those questions. I will be unbiased as regard to my opinion on ‘1000 BTC Ezy’

‘1000 BTC EZY’ Review 2017 – What is the 1000 BTC Ezy Opportunity?

1000 btc Ezy Review 2017

1000 btc Ezy Review 2017

Going through their site I found out that there is no name or information identifying the owners of this company, the founders or an address or where it is being run from. The company’s domain name was registered on the 10th of July 2017 with a forged US address; they also claimed that the owner is Jermaine Cato.  I carried out subsequent research on the email address used with the domain name registration and discovered that it was the same email address that was used to register the domain name for ‘BTC fast double’.

‘BTC fast double’ was quite popular at some point; it was a Ponzi scheme that offered its affiliates an ROI of about 200 percent just within 72 hours of investing into Bitcoin. ‘BTC fast double’ and many Bitcoin doubling sites like it are pure Ponzi sites. They pay their earliest members once or twice and crash with the chunk of their money including and new members money. Also from my research, I found out that the domain name for BTC fast double was registered on the 5th of May 2017, the same email address was used for ‘1000 BTC Ezy’ but the name in BTC fast double indicates that the owner of BTC fast double is Tommy Taylor with a USA registered line.

My instincts tell me that Cato or Taylor are both forged names. Those people are not in existence. 84% of the traffic in BTC fast double comes from Thailand, so this is where ‘1000 BTC Ezy’ is likely based.

In ‘1000 BTC Ezy’ site they used some sort of English like “why different sponsor’s Bitcoin address and donate Bitcoin address?

It’s best you know that the bitcoin address is a system Bitcoin address, once payment is made it will automatically redirect the Bitcoin to sponsor Bitcoin address.

‘1000 BTC EZY’ Review 2017 – Does 1000 BTC Ezy have Products?

No, they don’t. a product line is really not their thing. There is no goods or service to be sold to customers. Affiliates only have affiliate membership to offer to those new ones that intend joining the business. When you join, you pay your sponsor if you are not able to get someone to join you, you don’t get paid.

What is ‘1000 BTC Ezy’ Compensation Plan?

Basically, the compensation plan here is simply giving out Bitcoin as a gift to other members.

There is a uni-level system that manages the process of giving out Bitcoin for proper records and remuneration. Affiliates start by giving out 0.003. 0.001btc to the admin and 5 X 0.002btc to five total levels of their upline. An affiliate who gives out 0.002 automatically becomes qualified to receive that same amount which is 0.002 from five levels below.

There is also a bonus of 0,000001 BTC every hour for affiliates that advertises on Facebook.

What do you need to join 1000 BTC Ezy?

It will cost you a total of 0.003 BTC. 0.002 BTC is given out as a gift to an upline and 0,001 is being paid to the company’s admin. `


Is 1000 BTC Ezy a scam?

Normally you will hear that businesses like this are a scam, it all over the internet that things like this don’t end up well.

Now you wonder what the truth is.

To be sincere I will say that 1000 BTC is not an actual scam or something of that nature, though you have to put something into consideration for you to succeed in this business.

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My Verdict on 1000 BTC Ezy

Just like other help providing sites, 1000 BTC Ezy will always try to justify their activities by saying that it is simply making “donations” to one another. Also, they will try to let you know that it is a peer to peer donation. This is where the problem lies

In a normal donation, the donor actually expects nothing in return. in 1000 BTC Ezy affiliates donates money to other affiliates so that they can also get money in return.

Also, they claim they don’t retain affiliates money in 1000 BTC Ezy but it’s not true, remember the admin fee of 0.001 BTC.

I will say, please expect the normal. Which is 1000 BTC Ezy is going to crash as soon as there is a decrease in a number of affiliates coming in.

The admins won’t be affected, besides they must have made money from the admin fees and they actually know when it starts heading towards the rock.

The key to businesses like this is having a very strong marketing strength. You have to be able to recruit lots of persons in a short time. but bear in mind that does you recruit are will likely lose their money.

I believe you enjoyed my review on 1000 BTC Ezy. Please use the icons below to share on social media. Thank you.

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