DemixMine Review | Scam or Legit | All you need to Know

Demixmine has been getting lots of attention of lately; I won’t be surprised if you have heard of it.

Questions have been arising from their numerous activities ranging from if it is a scam network to how its profit can be maximized. Before I proceed with this review I will like to tell you that I am not an affiliate of Demixmine or a distributor.

What is DemixMine?

Demixmine Is simply an MLM company with no official background details on its sources and official website. It has no history of origin, address or information on its founders.   I will take you round it so you can come up with your own decision.

Firstly, I will say that a company or business that won’t disclose its identity or history it’s quite suspicious. From my research, I discovered that Demixmine site was registered on the 12th of March 2017, though it was done in a classified way that I couldn’t decipher the owner of the site or where the registration took place.

What does it take to Join DemixMine?

Anybody can join this MLM network for free, but you can earn yet. All you need to do before you can earn from DemixMine ROI is to invest between 1 dollar to 100,000 dollars.

What Products are offered on DemixMine?

DemixMine has no product of its own. You earn by investing your money and receiving ROI or you earn from referral Bonus when you invite people to join through your link.

How Do you earn on DemixMine?

There are lots of compensation plan depending on how much money you choose to sink into the business, DemixMine pays out ROI on a daily basis.

    Affiliate members that invest between $1 and $10 earn an ROI of 3 percent each day

    Affiliate members that invest between $11 and $100 earn an ROI of 3.5 percent each day

    Affiliate members that invest between $101 and $1000 earn an ROI of 4 percent each day

    Affiliate members that invest between $1001 and $10,000 earn an ROI of 4.5 percent each day

    Affiliate members that invest between $10,001 and $100,000 earn an ROI of 5 percent each day

Also, the affiliate can make more money by referral commissions. They tend to benefit when they refer people. Referral commissions are paid using a uni-level system. In this system, affiliates earn 12 percent on level 1 recruits, 10 cents when enlisting level 1 members and 5 percent of level 2 members

Do you think its Scam?

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My Conclusion on Demixmine

Having a daily ROI is quite interesting but in DemixMine the money that funds this ROI is gotten by –

Offering Cloud Mining services which give a sort of guarantee for safety and instant payments

The system enables you to mine some high-value cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin etc

The company actually represents a formula for dividing mining powers between multiple cryptocurrencies.

As legal and legit as it might sound there is no proof that DemixMine engages in any of the above claims.

I would say that this idea of DemixMine is not making any sense. Since they have some sort of mining system that yields a daily ROI of about 5 percent, why would they spend much time begging people to invest with them when they can just take a loan and sink all the money into the ROI or could it be that they don’t want to be rich? So in my opinion, Demixmine is just a Ponzi scheme where you are giving back a percentage of the money you invested daily. You are also paid a little more from new member’s investment until the system crashes while the owners of the site smile home with the rest of the new member’s investment.

We don’t recommend Demixmine


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