Bitcoiners Humb is quite gaining popularity recently, it’s all over social media as one of the trending business platforms.

Before I proceed I will like to tell you that I am not an affiliate, marketer or stakeholder of Bitcoiners Humb. I only want to give you a detailed review so you can make an informed decision about this business.

Is Bitcoiner Humb a good business?

Can I really trust it like they said?

Keep reading and by the time you are done, you will get the maximum satisfaction to quench your taste for knowledge and then make a better decision.

What is Bitcoiners Humb?

Seriously I will say that what I saw is not impressive, there are no details of who is running the company, where it is being found or who owns the company. These are the basic information that should give one some sort of confidence, so it’s a bit of a problem not finding such information.

On the 11th of August 2017, the domain name for Bitcoiners Humb website was registered, it was a private registration. Information about the website was not disclosed.

Could this be a Scam?

Are there products in Bitcoiners Humb?

No. There is no product-line for Bitcoiners Humb. No products are being issued out to marketers which make it a Ponzi kind of MLM. They can only offer affiliate membership to people.

What are the compensation plans in Bitcoiners Humb?

Bitcoiners Humb is all about giving out Bitcoin to other members. Once you join, you will be asked to give out Bitcoin to older members through a 3×1 matrix cycler system. To get into stage 1 an affiliate pays 0.01BTC and earns as stated in the table below.

bitcoiners Compensation Plan

bitcoiners Compensation Plan


After stage one affiliates are being placed in a 3×10 matrix. In this 3×10 matrix, affiliates earn a commission of 0.001 BTC which increases base on the number of referrals an affiliate brings.

What is the Membership fee for Bitcoiners Humb?

For you to join Bitcoiners Humb, you are expected to make a donation of 0.001 BTC to an existing member and enter the offered matrix system.

Is Bitcoiners Humb a Scam or Legit Business?

Am sure you must have heard a lot of things about this business, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tell you that they are a scam just to make you key into whatever other stuff they want to sell to you.

Can you trust your review from other sources?

What is the truth about Bitcoiners Humb?

Bitcoiners Humb is not really a scam, although you should be conscious of something in the business. Keep reading down to the conclusion for clarification. I believe before you go into something, you should know the details about it in other to achieve success.

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Would you like to know my Conclusion on Bitcoiners Humb?

I will tell you the sad truth, Bitcoiners Humb is quite above bitcoin-based cash gifting scheme because it is quite mixed with a pyramid recruitment setup.

Payments within the system are centred between affiliates and as such 0.32 BTC (total BTC earnings) is stolen from members for every 0.01 BTC that is donated in the system by incoming affiliates.

The 3×10 matrix pyramid system is not new, we have seen such in other MLM schemes.

I think you should know that that there is an anonymous man (admin) at the top of the pyramid scheme, hence all other affiliates come under him. This signifies that most affiliates that come at a later time will definitely lose out. There is no way the lost fund can be recovered since there are no actual products.

“All purchase are NONREFUNDABLE”

So once there is a decline in recruitment, Bitcoiners Humb will go to sleep. Remember most people will be disappointed like that of  MMM.

Though if you are very sure that you don’t want to lose out then you should sit this one out and find some other business opportunity.

If you must get involved with this please work on your marketing skills before you join.

I believe my review on Bitcoiners Humb was really useful to you

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