An overview of the Binomo broker

The Binomo options market operator is the industry leader in providing high-quality technical and financial services for binary options traders. The company’s service is characterized by an extremely efficient set of resources that allow access to the most advanced tools and informational products necessary for professional and profitable options trading. In addition, client-oriented policies and a high level of operator security attract a huge number of new users every day, which opens up very good prospects for both the broker and its trading partners. Today we will present an overview of the company’s services, which will undoubtedly help beginners learn about the basic resources of the operator.



Information about the company

  • The minimum account is 10 USD
  • Options from 1 USD
  • The rate of return is 87%
  • Proprietary trading terminal
  • Training based on a systemic set of services
  • Demo account
  • Banking with the highest possible number of tools
  • Speed of profit withdrawals – 24 hours
  • FMRRC license
  • Offshore jurisdiction – Cyprus

The basic operating conditions on the Binomo platform allow investors to start trading on the market with minimal financial investments and under conditions that are optimal for stable profiting.



The technical process of signing up for an account on the operator’s resource is based on a standard format and two interactive forms:

  • The initial sign-up form for generating a password for access to the trading account:


  • The interactive form in which you must specify personal information necessary for subsequent client verification and account activation:


In general, the sign-up process is extremely convenient and does not require much time or effort. Investors beginning cooperation with the company will appreciate the ease and simplicity of the process of registering an account.


The broker’s terminal

The company’s trading resource offers its partners a terminal for trading on the binary market. This service is today considered one of the most technologically advanced and professional tools on the market. The broker was able to create on its terminal an optimal set of technical resources in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. Today the Binomo terminal provides binary traders with the following functionality:

  • A large operating chart with a wide range of settings allowing for the most convenient and technically advanced trading conditions: scaling, 4 technical formats for chart building, timeframes from 5 seconds to 5 minutes, market history
  • A set of chart format services for market valuation – there are both standard tools and semi-automatic resources for identifying market patterns
  • A set of the standard professional indicators
  • A statistical service for determining investor sentiment
  • A convenient mode of displaying open trades in the form of price levels
  • Standard binary options and turbo contracts
  • Expiration terms from 1 minute to 1 day
  • 80 underlying assets for trading
  • A user-friendly interface with a technically understandable operating algorithm


For active investors, the company provides the opportunity to work on mobile devices using a specialized application. In this trading format, clients get access to the main set of analysis services and absolutely all the financial resources of the main terminal.


The Binomo trading terminal is an excellent resource for trading that allows you to achieve higher financial results, which is expressed in reviews from the operator’s partners.



Trading assets

Binomo offers a fairly large and diverse set of assets for trading on its platform. This allows traders not only to choose the optimal tools for working on the market but also to form high-yield investment packages with a high level of risk diversification. At the moment, the operator provides access to the following types of financial tools:

  • Standard currency assets
  • Metals – gold and silver
  • Shares of multinational corporations
  • Commodity asset – oil

A separate, attractive aspect regarding the underlying assets of the Binomo broker is access to innovative tools that are presented in the form of Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies, as well as the cryptocurrency index! These tools currently attract a lot of investors, provide a good level of profitability on binary trades, and allow you to work on the market on weekends!


Binary trading training

The broker is positioned as a professional and systemic binary options operator, so the issue of training to work on the market could not be left out. The company has developed its own system of professional education for beginners which is based on a wide range of innovative methods for providing training materials:


  • A professional trading manual in an interactive format
  • A base of basic terms
  • Short technical guides
  • Video lessons with dynamic examples of practical trading
  • Webinars with industry professionals
  • A demo account



The company’s set of training services enables beginners to quickly acquire professional knowledge and practical skills for options trading.



When taking into consideration all the technical and trading resources of this company, it can be considered one of the most acceptable broker choices on the binary market. Its professional tools and ancillary services allow investors with any level of capital and experience to work effectively with binary options and earn a stable profit. In addition, a high level of security and the fact that it is regulated classifies this brokerage company as one of the most secure trading services. Click here to Sign-Up

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