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We have been receiving messages from people about the August 1st rumours on bitcoin splitting. I believe that by the time you finish reading this article you will know what the August 1st rumour is all about Basically, two different proposals have been stipulated for the upgrade of blockchain and mainly these protocols are essential

Bitcoin Price, Calculator and Converter 2017

Want to know the Price of Bitcoin? Lots of people are constantly searching for the price of bitcoin using search terms like Bitcoin calculator, Bitcoin converter and bitcoin price. I have today I decided to put them all in one. The bitcoin converter shows the price of bitcoin in 4 currencies. USD, Naira, Euro and

Top 11 Bitcoin Quotes

Bitcoin was born out of the need to have a money fully decentralized and independent of the government. Bello are 11 famous quotes on bitcoin by the world most influential people. I will start with a quote 9 year before the invention of bitcoin. This is in 1999 by Professor Milton Friedman – a Nobel Prize winner