How to Buy Bitcoin at a cheap price in Nigeria – 2017 Review

If you are in Nigeria and you are looking for a where to buy Bitcoin at the cheapest price in Nigeria, you are at the right place. I have reviewed three sites where you can buy Bitcoin at a very cheapest price possible Nigeria even if you are not in Nigeria, two of the sites are present in over 42 countries. I have personally bought Bitcoin from these exchange. They are:

The websites listed above a selected from 3 different categories of bitcoin exchange. They are the cheapest in their categories as explained below. I did not include the price at which they sell because bitcoin price is continuously changing so by the time you are reading this it might have changed but they still remain cheaper when compared to their competitors. Feel free to leave me a comment if you think I should…


 Buying Bitcoin on Remitano

Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Remitano
Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Remitano

Remitano is a site that connects bitcoin sellers and buyers to do an exchange through a secure system called escrow. In Escrow, the money the buyer pays for the bitcoin is not released to the seller until the seller sends the bitcoin and get it get confirmed. If the seller does not send the bitcoin, his money gets reverted to him. Remitano operates exactly like Localbitcoins exchange only that bitcoins are sold cheaper at remitano than Localbitcoins. Remitano offers their service in 32 countries as at now.


Buying Bitcoin on Luno

Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Luno
Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria On Luno

Luno is a site where you can buy Bitcoin at the cheapest price with a master card or visa card without limit no matter where you are in the world. There present in over 42 countries. They have been around since 2013 and have served over 20 million users. Luno also provides you with a Bitcoin wallet. When you buy Bitcoin at Luno, your wallet is funded instantly.  To buy bitcoin on Luno;

  • Register
  • Click on “Account”
  • Click on “Deposit”
  • Make deposit using your Master or Visa card
  • Click on “buy” to buy bitcoin with your deposited money. It’s as simple as that.


Buy Bitcoin on Naira to Naira2USD

Naira2USD is digital currency exchange local to Nigeria where you can buy bitcoin and other digital currencies. Naira2USD is one of the exchange that sell bitcoin the cheapest in its category (other includes: nairaex and ngexchanger) They have an excellent customer service. My transaction with them was within 20mins. To buy bitcoin from Niara2USD; register, select the currency you want to buy. You will then be directed to complete the transaction on WhatsApp where you will chat with their representative to complete the transaction. So the fall back is that if you don’t have you might not be able to complete a transaction with them – I believe everybody is on WhatsApp now –  You can buy bitcoin from them by making a bank transfer or paying cash if you are close to their office.

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