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Welcome to my Review page on BTChamp2

BTChamp2 awareness is increasing by the day and many people are being lured into putting their money in this scheme under the guise that it is a bitcoin trading platform.  I won’t be surprised if you tell me someone already told you about it, it is all over social media. Take your time to read through as I expose them with details. It’s high time you stop losing money to shady schemes. I have reviewed similar scheme in the past Such as Titan Trade Club, Trade Coin Club, Xtreme coin, etc. You will observe that my reviews are thorough and unbiased

Can we say BTChamp2 is a scam?

Is it a Ponzi scheme?

I will tell you so much more about it but before I proceed I will like to let you know that I am not an affiliate or distributor of this scheme. I am in no way trying to promote or discredit it. I am only trying to give you an honest review about it based on my research.

I always tell people before you go into any business be it online or offline, you should carry out lots of research on it. Am pretty sure no one wants to be at the losing end because lots of folks have tasted the sting of losing online, it’s really painful when you invest our money hoping to make profits from it and at the end of the day, you lose more than you have ever imagined.

I am going to furnish you with information regarding BTChamp2, its plans and packages.

Am going to categorize my findings into subgroups

BTChamp2 Review: What is BTChamp2?

This is simply reborn of BTChamp. BTChamp was first introduced in January 2017. Going through the website for BTChamp I noticed that there is a link to BTChamp2 in BTChamp. Please note BTChamp is the first while BTChamp2 is the second.

BTChamp is simply a six-tiered cash gifting scheme organized and managed by Ksa Navakantha Rao. I noticed from alexa that BTChamp started encountering a sharp decrease in traffic in may 2017. I think they had issues recruiting people in BTChamp which is the major reason why they decided to open a second version of it known as BTChamp2.

What are the products of BTChamp2?

BTChamp2 has no products or goods. It has no retail or wholesale services. It can only offer affiliate membership to those that intend to join the business. This is exactly the same pattern with the former (BTChamp).

What is BTChamp2 Compensation Plan?

In BTChamp2 affiliates give out bitcoin to other affiliates in a 2×5 matrix system

There are levels through the system for affiliates who will like to expand their earnings. New members are expected to give out 0.002 BTC to their upline(the person that introduced them to the system). It works in such a way that once an affiliate gives out his fund, that affiliate stands to benefit the same amount from two incoming affiliates. This is basically for the first level. The table below shows how other levels are being managed.

What does it take to join BTChamp2?

Joining BTChamp doesn’t actually take much, all you need to do is give out a minimum of 0.002 BTC to the qualified affiliate. You could simply earn more by increasing it based on what is mentioned in the table above.

Could BTChamp2 be a Scam?

Is it a Ponzi scheme or a good business opportunity?

What will you say about BTChamp2 from this write-up?

I will say it is not really a scam but there are things you should watch out for. Check my conclusion for more.



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My Conclusion on BTChamp2

From our numerous discussions and analysis above you will notice that every source of income comes from new members and none from any external business/Trading. In cash gifting schemes like this, the admins are mostly stationed at the top of the chat so that they can get the bulk sum of cash and leave little or no money for those beneath them.

This was actually the problem with the initial BTChamp,  they found out that they were no longer benefiting due to the decline in new affiliates. , Kasa Navakantha Rao now decided to open a phase two of BTChamp. Mr Rao is actually out for the money though he did some slight modifications in this phase two. However, all still goes down to more money for him.

This is not actually new, hence we know how reloaded(phase two) schemes work. Just like its colleague MMM it will still collapse. They feel most people will come into it with the intention of getting their lost funds(in phase 1) but at the end, they will lose again.

Am sure you already know that once you donate to an affiliate it cant be recovered. Always keep that in mind. Finally, know that I wouldn’t ask you to join BTChamp2 because nothing good will come out of it, also know that it is definitely crash faster than the phase 1.

Remember you can’t get rich by wasting the little you have.

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