Review: Bitcoins Wealth Club – One Thing You Need to Know

Bitcoins Wealth Club is the HUB of the top bitcoin income opportunities online. Vitaliy Dubinin who is the creator of this club took his time to go through all the bitcoin income opportunities online selected the best and built a system around it through which members are making millions in cryptocurrencies. But is this statement really true?

 I learned about Bitcoins Wealth Club when I received an email from Justin Verrengia. I have known Justin for a while. In my own opinion, Justin is the greatest marketer out there. He is so good that he has made over $300,000 in a month from a product that is almost unthinkable to earn anything from. So from Justin’s integrity, I jumped on this club immediately, however, what I found out was quite shocking.

This is a comprehensive review of the Bitcoins Wealth Club. I will advise you read it to the last before you consider joining. You will get answers to questions like,

Is Bitcoins Wealth Club a good business?

Is Bitcoins Wealth Club a Scam?

Can I really trust it like they said?

What is Bitcoins Wealth Club?

In a simple term, Bitcoins Wealth Club does three things and they do it well; they educate you on cryptocurrencies, refer you to an income opportunity in the cryptocurrency world and how to make money from it and give you great support in achieving this.

Bitcoins Wealth Club Network makes it quite easy for members to earn income because they built a system around the income opportunities, they present an opportunity by which members can 5X their investments even if they are newbies.

One of their goals, as stated on BWC website, is to tutors members through practical examples on how to earn $20,000 in bitcoins per month on autopilot. Although this may seem unrealistic, however, it has been achieved and surpassed by some members of this club.

The best part is that you can gain access to all this as a free member. Sound too good to be true? Well yeah, there are some cons I will definitely point out later in this review.

Who is behind Bitcoins Wealth Club?

 As stated earlier, Bitcoin Wealth Club was created by Vitaliy Dubinin. He is also the one who presented the training videos in the member area.  Unlike other similar networks, This is one area where BWC differs, they are transparent with the founder of the club. But you should also note that Vitaliy is a great network marketer who has associated with some failed network marketing businesses.

Members Support

Members can contact support through any of the following means;

  • web chat: usually present about 16 hours a day
  • email: response is typical 24 to 48 hours 
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook fanpage
  • Weekly Webinars

How does Bitcoin wealth club work?

The Bitcoin Wealth Club platform is very similar to that of the four percent group. The platform is quite easy to navigate. Once logged in, you will be required to set up your BWC account to be able to earn. To do so you will go through five steps as presented in the quick start videos, each step has a video you will have to watch to to be able to set up your account in that step. Literally, you cannot make mistakes setting up your account by following the videos.

Aside the quick start videos, there are two other video courses;

  1. Bitcoin Basics: this consist of five videos on all the basic and fundamental knowledge of bitcoins.
  2. Secrets to Growing your wealth in Bitcoins: this course consists of 7 modules. Each module consists of lessons broken down into videos for easy understanding and integration. The lessons to be learnt in the modules are as below;
  • Module One: How Bitcoin Wealth Club can help you massively grow your wealth
  • Module Two: What is Bitcoin and Why is it Completely Revolutionizing Money
  • Module Three: The Secret to Wealth Acceleration
  • Module Four: How to Passively Multiply Your Money By 5X over and over and earn multiple streams of residual income.
  • Module Five: How Bitcoin Wealth Club system works and How to promote it to accelerate your wealth
  • Module Six: How to trade cryptocurrencies yourself and invest into Altcoins
  • Module Seven: How to achieve your dreams with Bitcoins Wealth Club.

What does it cost to Join?

It is totally free to join the Bitcoin Wealth Club and use all its features and training materials for free. However, for additional support and to share in revenue generated by the club, you will have to upgrade to either the premium membership at $97/month or the VIP membership and $297/month. 

Bitcoin wealth Club VIP membership

How can I make money from the Bitcoin Wealth Club?

There two major ways to make money from bitcoin wealth club. These two methods are available to free members.

  1. Earn from Premium and VIP membership Upgrade: when you invite members to join BWC and they upgrade to either premium or VIP status, you earn 20% of this amount monthly. To earn a higher percentage from this method, you will have to upgrade yourself.
  2. Earn from Passive income opportunity: Currently, there are three passive income opportunities integrated into Bitcoin Wealth Club that member can earn from.
    1. USI Tech: This is an investment platform that pays users 1% daily on their investment. Members do not need to refer anyone to earn. However, members can earn more up to 35% by referring people. A minimum of 50 Euros is required to invest in USI tech. USI tech claims to invest members’ money in forex trading and pay ROI from the profit made.
    2. Bitconnect: this is a community based decentralized digital currency that anyone can buy and earn from in 4 ways: Lending– this is using this coin to invest and earning ROI daily
      Stacking– this is buying this coin to sell when it appreciates
      Mining– It is a cryptocurrency so it can be mined
      Referral: You earn from this coin when you refer people to purchase it.Bitconnect has been greatly criticized because it is based on a referral. Some persons believe it is the world biggest scam, that it is a pyramid scheme and will definitely crash.  This has not been proven as Bitconnect it still holding up.
    3. Mind24Global: this is an education platform that teaches life-changing information in the world of business. It currently features 2 celebs in the world of business. (Kevin Harrington and Jay Sargent). You can only earn in Mindset24global through its multi-level program.

Other passive income streams that were promoted by BWC in the past that are now either crashed or lost their integrity include:

  • Trade Coin Club
  • Cryptocurrency Trade Capital
  • iCoin Pro and
  • Bitclub Network

Do you sense anything shady? Maybe a foul pay?

Is Bitcoin Network a Scam?

Bitcoin Club Network from the above is definitely not a scam, they are not in hiding, they are ever ready to give support to members and put them through. They allow free members to use all the tools and educational material available on the website for free. They would even share their profit with you if you are a VIP member.

However, they might be preying on you. When I signed up for Bitcoin Wealth Club and I saw Trade Coin Club and Bitclub Network as some of the passive income streams, I was discouraged because I have reviewed these two platforms in the past and considered them as Ponzi scheme. These two platforms are not doing well anymore; investors might have lost their money so BWC has since removed them from their platform. So how are we sure that the present ones will last.

All the passive income stream presented by Bitcoin wealth club have a referral program. Some of them claim that you don’t need to bring people to earn. But the truth is that you can only earn a good income from the referral from the program so as to be on the advantage in case of a potential crash. They are all definitely MLM scheme and might be Ponzi scheme.

BWC has over 60,000 members so they might be preying on members in a way that whenever they introduce a new income stream, members sign up for this program using their referral link. Since it is an MLM scheme, they make so much money because of the large member base, but members that do not have good marketing ability might not make money, they might even lose their money if that income stream crashes.

So what is my opinion on Bitcoins Wealth Club? Check my conclusion


My advice and Conclusion on Bitcoins Wealth Club?

Bitcoins Wealth Club is an awesome platform in terms of the educational and training materials available to members for free. These materials cost money and time to create. You should also know that there are some courses sold online that do not contain half the information available on BWC for free.

In terms of the passive income opportunity in BWC, I cannot give 100% of my approval. The truth is that the only assurance in making money through this programs in through the referral program. So if you are not a good online and offline marketer or have the money to spare to learn and acquire the tool to recruit people, you will not make money from these passive income streams. You might even lose your money.

You can sign up here as a free member to acquire the education or Join the passive income stream if you can recruit or learn to do you.

All the best.

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Bitcoins Wealth Club

Bitcoins Wealth Club

Ease of Use

7.0 /10

Quality of Content

7.0 /10


7.0 /10


7.0 /10


  • Ease of Marketing through Platform
  • Excellent Resource Materials
  • Greats Support


  • MLM/Pyramid Scheme
  • Income Streams Have Crashed Before

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