Amazing!!! 62 Unbelievable Bitcoin Facts You need to Know.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized CryptoCurrency. It has been around since January 2010. It was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto; No one knows who he is but of course apart from himself. No one knows if he is a single person or a group of persons. However, everyone is glad he created Bitcoins.  One of the greatest advantages of bitcoin is it is decentralized n order words, it cannot be controlled by anyone be it the government, institutions, individuals, not even Nakamoto himself.

Sending and receiving bitcoins is as easy as sending and receiving an email. It is also anonymous and cost visually nothing to send. Bitcoin is doing to the banking system what email did to post mail. Bitcoins have also seen an increase in adoption, over 260,000 merchant accepts bitcoins as payment for goods and services in Japan alone. Bitcoins can now be used to pay for school fees, hotel bills, software, cars etc. Some group of persons in the USA have successfully lived for months making all their expenditure in bitcoin. Bitcoins at the time of this post is at $10,000 per bitcoin.

There is more. You will love this infographic put together by the BitcoinPlay team. I was wow when I went through it. Enjoy


62 bitcoin facts

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