There are lots of ways to make money in Bitcoin online here in Nigeria, and there are even more ways to lose your Bitcoin to scammers. or to HYIP (High Yield Investment Plan). Almost every new Bitcoin user is scammed. He creates a free wallet, buys his first bitcoin, then he is invited to so many mouth-watering opportunities promising him lots and lots of Bitcoin money. he has no experience, his friend that invited him to all this opportunity in good fate is also just starting out, he either saw this opportunity online or was also invited, they both put in their Bitcoin, it works for a few days and they lose their bitcoin. they keep trying new opportunities unguided trying to recover their Bitcoin, but they end up losing them all.  I have been there, I have learned. I have come to understand that Bitcoin is money and it works like every other money. if you are going into any Bitcoin business, and you don’t understand how it works, don’t invest your Bitcoin. You will definitely lose it. many Nigerians have lost their bitcoin. Many have made millions also,

So in this section of this blog, I and my team experienced in the world of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and online Entrepreneurship are going to present to you investment opportunities in Bitcoin that we have tested and found to be legit, viable and easy to invest in. we will also present you with tools where necessary to help you succeed in the world of Bitcoin. we will keep updating this page with new opportunities to make money in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies and we test and certify them. if you want us to review an opportunity you must have seen, drop it in the comment box or send us an email at [email protected] We will keep updating this page with new investment opportunities as they come. I have written on 7 ways to earn free bitcoin, however, the bitcoin that can be earned is small compared to what is achievable below but also with increased risk.

Warning (Disclaimer)

There are risks involved in every investment or income opportunity be it online or offline. The income opportunities presented below are platforms where we invest. However, we do not have control of this platforms, so we cannot guarantee that they will last forever neither do we guarantee you will make money from it. So if you are investing, do not invest with all your money, take profit as soon as you make them. We also provide the comprehensive review of these platforms, however, I will also suggest you make your own research before investing. Thank you. Below are the investment opportunities.



The question we receive most from our readers is on how to trade cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that money can be made here as many individuals are making a living solely from trading cryptos. However, when done wrong, you could go bankrupt. To be able to earn from this sphere, you have to learn and master this skills required. Once done, the sky is your limit. To help you archive this, we have written a Blueprint for trading cryptos; a well-detailed tutorial. The result from this is 266 trades made, 265 won and 1 loss. The best part is that we are giving it for free. Follow this link to get started.



1Broker is a CFD/Forex Trading platform in Bitcoins. Forex Traders can take advantage of this platform as it gives an opportunity to trade Forex and CFD exclusively in bitcoins. Since bitcoins in recent time have continued to rise in value, the trader’s capital and profit will also rise in value even if the trader does not make a trade. Bitcoin in 2017 alone has increased by 17 times. This makes 1broker preferable to other platforms that trade in Dollars. what this means in that if I have my money in 1broker from the beginning of January, it would have increased in value 17time if I did not make a single trade and even more when I make a profitable trade. This is more profitable to a trader that makes 500% per anum trading in Dollars. Another awesome feature that 1broker has is that you can automatically copy successful traders who share their trades with the click of a button. Through this way, those who do not how to trade can earn from 1broker. Click here to learn how to make $10,000 in 12 months from $150 investment on 1broker copying Traders.

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USI-tech is an investment platform. There are 3 income streams on this platform. The minimum investment amount in this platform is 50 Euros in bitcoins. Investors are paid 140% of their invested amount within 140 working days. It is also possible to earn on this platform without investing a dime. USI-Tech has operated flawlessly since 2009. I have also thoroughly reviewed this platform, stating the risks involved. I suggest you read this review before investing. 

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Alpari is a forex trading platform as well as an investment platform. Establish 19 years ago, Alpari has now included cryptocurrency in their earning/investment portfolio. There are now 5 ways to make a living from Alpari, these include:

  1. Investment
  2. Trading
  3. Contest
  4. Partnership program
  5. Alpari point (ALP)

I started investing in Alpari in 2016. It has been a smooth sale since then. Their customer care is also always present through the live chat or over the phone to cater for any issue users might have. I have also taken my time to review this platform to put you through.

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