Top 5 Exchanges to Buy and Sell Ripple (XRP) in Nigeria Fast & Easy

Are you looking for the best exchange to buy the Ripple coin XRP? The Ripple coin XRP has been in High demand of recent probably because it rose in value far above any other cryptocurrency in 2017; an increase of 39000 percent in 2017 alone. Ripple is currency at the 3rd position in coin market cap and people expects it to increase more this 2018.

Before you Buy Ripple (XRP) you need a wallet to store it. once You have a wallet, then you can buy Ripple

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Here are the top 5 Exchange to buy ripple fast and easy in Nigeria.

Top Five Exchanges to Buy and Sell Ripple XRP.


buy ripple XRP on changelly

This is an exchange through which you can buy and sell 20 cryptocurrencies including Ripple XRP instantly. Payment is done through your Debit or Credit Card. You can also exchange these 20 cryptocurrencies for each other on changelly. It is one of the cost and time effective way to buy ripple from anywhere around the world using the Master or Visa card.

Buy Ripple on Changelly



Buy Ripple in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria and you don’t have Master or Visa card or wish not to transact using your card then Ngexchanger is your best choice.  I do transactions with the company regularly. They have proven themselves to be the best cryptocurrency exchange indigenous to Nigeria. You will be graced with an excellent customer service, simple and easy to use web interface and instant funding when buying ripple XRP from these sites. They can be reached via WhatsApp, online chat through the web interface or by calls. You can buy and sell ripple and 9 other digital currencies from them by bank transfer or cash at their Port Harcourt Office.

Buy Ripple on Ngexchanger



LiteBit is a cryptocurrency exchange located in Netherland. Their operation is very similar to Changelly above. However, they offer 5 payment method and allow buy and sales of 52 cryptocurrencies. Litebit received over 400,000 account signup in few week which far surpassed what they envisage. They temporarily stopped accepting new signups. However, they have re-opened the signup portal to serve more customers. The challenge with Litebit is if you are not in Europe, you might not be able to buy NEO from them.

Buy Ripple on Litebit



Buy Ripple On CEX

CEX is a top European cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. They also provide Ripple Wallet to Users.  To buy ripple on CEX, you will need to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash with your debit or credit card and then convert it to Ripple in the CEX exchange. Alternatively, you can receive Ripple XRP from other external Ripple wallet or receive any other cryptocurrency into CEX and convert it to ripple. Binance and are similar exchange to CEX that provide Ripple exchange.

Buy Ripple on CEX




how to buy ripple from naira2usd

Naira2Usd is another Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange located in Onitsha, Anambra State Nigeria. They have been around for over 3 years now and have always left their customers satisfied. Buying Ripple (XRP) from them is quite easy and straightforward. You can contact them via their WhatsApp number, call and online chat.

Buy Ripple on Naira2usd


There you have it Top 5 Exchanges to Buy & Sell XRP in Nigeria. I hope it was informative. If it was, Please click on your preferred social media icon below to share. Thank you.


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