Author: Felix Udechukwu

Review: Coinomi – Wallet for all Cryptocurrency

Coinomi present a solution to the challenge most cryptocurrency investor might be facing. such as: where to buy Altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin… and Altcoin wallets for this Altcoins… Coinomi offers you a single platform with over 278 cryptocurrency wallets and Tokens, and the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies at no cost. This presents a solution

2017 Review: ShapeShift – Legit or Scam

Recently peoples interest on cryptos have grown tremendously, and many traders find it difficult to trade from one cryptocurrency for another. People are desperately searching for ways to trade one crypto for another. This challenge gave birth to Shapeshift. What is Shapeshift? This is a platform that enables instant cryptocurrency exchange, basically, they deal with