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I’ve been investing and trading with Alpari since 2016 and there is a lot to be said about the company. In this review, I will keep it simple but concise and straight to the point. I will detail out the platforms available on Alpari for investment and earnings. Finally, I will reveal how you can earn free money on Alpari.

Alpari now 18 years since creation is one of the leading Forex Trading/Investment platforms. In 2012 it included an investment platform call PAMM and later trading and investment in the three major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litcoin). They turned over 2.5 trillion USD in trade in 2014. As at 2015 Alpari has branches in 150 countries offering their services to over one million clients.

Alpari Support

Alpari has a very efficient customer support. When you register, you will receive a call within 24 hours if it’s on a working day. They will help you set up your account, find out what you aim to achieve and give you options to aid you to do so. They also help you make your first deposit and kick-start your investment. You can always call the customer support with the number they call you with any time you can any challenge or need clarification. Secondly, on the Alpari home page, there is a number and live chat at the right top corner.

Alpari User Interface

Alpari Support

The live chat responded to my quarry within 1 minute. I will say that the Alpari customer support is excellent because they do not leave you hanging at any point, they are always there to help you.

Ease of Use

Alpari has a User-Friendly interface. You can navigate the whole website from the Menu. Each menu has its subcategory that drops down when you hover over it.

Alpari User Interface

Alpari User Interface

There is also an Alpari Apps for Android, IOS and PC for easy accessibility and operation on the go.

How to make money on Alpari

There are 5 ways you can make money on Alpari. They are:

  1. Investment
  2. Trading
  3. Contest
  4. Partnership program
  5. Alpari point (ALP)

Alpari Investment Platform

There are two investment Portfolios in Alpari

  1. PAMM portfolio
  2. CryptA Capital Investment portfolio

Alpari PAMM Portfolio

Alpari PAMM account enables you to invest your money with a reputable trader (manager). As at 2015, the PAMM account has over 55,000 clients turning over $155 billion. With the Alpari PAMM account, you don’t need to trade yourself. You place your fund in a manager’s account of your choosing to trade with. The manager benefits by having a larger fund to trading with and keeping a percentage of the profit generated from your fund. You benefit by having an experienced professional trader trade with your money, saves you time and makes you profit. You can also pull out your money anytime you want to no questions asked.

For a trader to be qualified to be listed as a manager in PAMM, he must open an account with a non-withdrawable deposit. The non-withdrawable amount not only secures the managers’ interest but also serves as an assurance to the prospective investors. Alpari list all the managers with their trading activities from their very first trade. This transparency enables you to make a good decision on the manager(s) to invest with. A manager may make a profit of 300% in a month and 30% the next month so before you invest with a trader, study the following about the manager;

  • Operating income
  • Manager remuneration
  • Aggressive trading
  • The deposited amount
  • Recovery factor
  • Manager’s own capital

All this information is provided by Alpari. A personal advice from me is that you should invest with more than one manager.

PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management. If you don’t have the time to go into the technicalities of trading, PAMM is a worthy stress-free way to earn passive income. You can open an account here.

Alpari CryptA Capital Investment Portfolio

The Alpari CrytA Capital investment portfolio is a platform where you can earn income investing in three of the leading cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Etherium and Litcoin.  These crypto-coins are growing in demand by the day, they are currently among the most profitable assets to invest in now. Cryptocurrencies are just about 7 years old but their market cap has exceeded $100billion and growing.

To invest in CryptA capital investment portfolio, you will buy a token worth $100. A token bought on January 1st, 2017 is worth $680 as at today July 1st, 2017. That is over %600 percent increase. Visit site here.

Alpari Forex Trading Platform

Alpari is an excellent Forex trading platform for beginners as well as experts. You are not only offered a platform to trade forex but there are lots of educational and training videos to get you started. Alpari helps you become an expert in forex trading by offering you these four services for free: 

  1. Forex Education

    There is a forex education page with written and video courses where you can learn forex. They also have a time table for periodic update and courses
    Alpari Forex Education

  2. Analysis

    They try to make their platform all-inclusive by providing you all the analysis you need to trade forex.


  3. Demo Account

    Trading a demo account is a simple way to learn forex trading without risking your own fund. The demo account is similar to the live account only that you cannot cash out the money made on the demo account. Although you can still make money from the demo account by entering a contest. Practising trading on the demo account is a sure way to know if trading is worth your while. You can open a free demo account here.

  4. Meta Trader signal

    Meta Trader Signal offers the opportunity to copy the trading deals of professional traders who are experts and actively trading. You have the freedom to choose the expert whose trading deals to be shown in your meta trader. This is one of the fastest ways of learning trading and gathering experience as you simply copy real-time deals of the experts and apply in your own trade. There are no hidden charges but you have to pay a subscription fee to subscribe to the signals.

Trading Platforms

Alpari offers 3 trading platforms which are:

  • Meta Trader 4
  • Meta Trader 5
  • Alpari Binary Trader

The meta trader 4 and 5 have apps for PC, Android, iPhone and iPad. This makes it possible for traders to be in full control of their trade wherever and whenever.

Meta Trader 4 (MT4)

MT4 is the world most populous forex trading platform. It has a lot of easy to use and very useful features. The MT4 has a wide selection of tools with you can select and customise to meet your needs. Alpari has been working with the developers of Meta Trader 4 software for years for continued improvement of the software and better users’ experience. This software is available for download on PCs and mobile devices.

Meta Trader 5 (MT5)

If you like the MT4 then you will love the Meta Trader 5. The MT5 delivers everything that traders love about Meter Trader 4 plus more. The Meta Trader 5 has more new features and technical upgrade, giving you all the tools you need to take on the market.  This app can also be downloaded on PCs and mobile devices.

Binary Trader:

Binary trading from my opinion is the simplest form of trading. You can master binary trading within minutes. in binary Trading, you simply choose the way the market will go within a time frame and stake your money. For example, you can choose if Bitcoin is going to rise or drop against the dollar in 15 minutes.

The Alpari Binary Trader is compatible with most internet browser across all devices. With Binary Trader you have the potential of earning up to 100% of your investment a few minutes to 24hours. But of course, you must know what you are doing.

How to Earn Free Money On Alpari

  1. Alpari Cashback

    This is a bonus package introduced by Alpari in 2014. members can earn points called ALP when they make a deposit, invest or trade even on the demo account. ALPs can exchange for cash, or use to trade or invest.

  2. Alpari Contest

    There are several contests offer by Alpari through which extra income can be earned. The contest is available to even newbies trading on the demo account as well as investors. To win a contest you have to perform series of successful trade as a trader or achieve the highest return on your investment as an investor for a set period.

  3. Partnership Program

    Partners can earn up to 40% commission for independent trading and investment for each client they invite to trade or invest in Alpari.



Alpari offers one of the most attractive packages in Investment and forex trading for both beginners and experts as well. The website has the one of the best informational content in the world of forex. though they have had their ups and downs in 18years, they have always come out strong. Alpari still remains one of the best investment destination for investors and forex traders.

Overall, we recommend Alpari: You can start within the CryptA Capital investment which has turned over 600% in profit in the past 6 months or the PAMM account. When Investing in the PAMM portfolio, spread your fund across different managers so that when a manager has a low return for a week, it will be made up in the high return of another manager. If you have interest trading, start with a demo account, it cost nothing to start.

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