Comprehensive Review on EZ Bitcoin Matrix

EZ Bitcoin Matrix has been getting a lot of attention of late. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already heard of it because it’s all over social media.

I will like to give an honest review about EZ Bitcoin Matrix but before I proceed, I will like to bring to your knowledge that I am in no way an affiliate or associate of this platform. I have review schemes like this in the past such as Titan Trade Club, Bitcoin5, Alpha-Cash, etc. Today I am going to review Ez Bitcoin Matrx and help you answer questions such as:

Can we boldly say EZ Bitcoin Matrix is a scam?

Can you invest in EZ Bitcoin Matrix and expect to get the promised returns?

I believe I have enough details and fact to enable you to answer the above questions.


Firstly, what is EZ Bitcoin Matrix?

Going through the official website for EZ Bitcoin Matrix I noticed that there is no information regarding the owners or location of this business. Mainly I believe that if a company has nothing to hide then there should be concrete information on them about their business. In this case, I found nothing.

I also observed that the domain name for this company website was first registered this year around 4th of May. As usual, it is a private registration which avails little or no information to the public. There is no information as of who owns or runs this business. I could say that there is no face to this business

Scam on EZ Bitcoin Matrix

What are the products of EZ Bitcoin Matrix?

I wasn’t surprised to discover that there are no products in EZ Bitcoin Matrix. There are no goods or services to be sold or to be rendered to people. They only have affiliate membership to offer to interested members. They could also give some sort of income opportunity based on ad credits.

What is the compensation plan for EZ Bitcoin Matrix-like?

Once you become an affiliate of this business you will be placed on a 2×5 matrix system. This matrix system is used to organize gifting activities that go on in the business.

Joining EZ Bitcoin Matrix requires you to give out 50 cents worth of bitcoin to someone who is already a member, once you do this you stand a chance of benefiting from the business. Basically, when you give out bitcoin worth of 50 cents you stand to gain the same amount from two incoming affiliates.

EZ Bitcoin Matrix is being characterized by five levels which I just explain one above. Below is a table showing the levels and prospective investments and profits.

Ez Bitcoin Matrix

Affiliates are also eligible to benefit from referral commissions depending on their level. Members could receive between $1 to $500 based on their level.

What does it take to join EZ Bitcoin Matrix?

It absolutely free to join this business but if you must benefit from it then you need to give out a gift of about 50cents to be qualified for it. Remember you can always increase the amount you give as a gift if you want to earn more.

Do you think there is an EZ Bitcoin Matrix scam going on?

Am sure you must have seen lots of review on this, with people saying different kinds of things about it.

What do you think the truth is?

Is EZ Bitcoin Matrix really a Scam?

I will say not really. I can’t really call it a scam but there are some hidden truths about it. Check out my conclusion.


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My Conclusion on EZ Bitcoin Matrix

Based on what I have seen so far I can tell you that EZ Bitcoin Matrix is just a cash gifting scheme where new affiliates’ money is used to pay old affiliates. The men behind the mask (admins) stand a good chance of taking the bulk sum and you can’t even complain about it. I can also guarantee you that most people that venture into this business are going to lose their hard earned money.

This is simply a Ponzi mechanism. Remember there are no refunds. I will advise those looking for a legitimate business to stay off this one.

If you must do this business please make sure you develop your marketing strength.

Hope you found this review useful.


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