The Remitano Obi Scam

There are reports reaching us right now on the current scam being carried out by some individuals on Remitano.

This message was sent to most  people who trade on remitano platform


Xin chào bạn,

You have been chosen as a BETA tester for our new Desktop App!

You will receive 0.2 BTC Bonus for using our new Desktop App.

Simply login to our Remitano Desktop App to claim your Bonus.

This is an App which is currently working on every Windows OS.

The download link to our Remitano Desktop App:

https: //github. com/remitanoapp/ Remitano/raw/master/


Remitano Team


The above message was sent from obi from Remitano [email protected]

From my research, this email address has been used to send legal messages to traders on Remitano.

Some traders also got the above scam message from Remitano’s customer service agent called “OBI” not just in their email but also on their remitano platform.

This is basically an inside work, I believe the hackers or invaders were trying to use servers from remitano to convey their message.

Remitano’s Reply on The Scam Message Above



Dear users,

If you received a message recently asking to install a Beta version of our Remitano Desktop app please DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT.

If you already did please remove it from your computer and DO A VIRUS CHECK or REINSTALL YOUR WINDOWS OS to make sure your computer is not infected by the malicious software.

Scam Casualty

At the time of this report, there was no record of anyone being defrauded as a result of this Obi scam message from remitano.

My Conclusion

Please, I strictly recommend you follow the orders as directed by Remitano. If you see this message please do not download or click on it. For those that have downloaded this Beta tester software please run a full system scan and to be fully safe reinstall your windows operating system. I believe the management of Remitano are doing everything they can to make sure such does not repeat itself again.

Please remember that the best place to store your Bitcoin still remains your hardware wallet. it could be blockchain, Coinbase etc.

I believe this information was useful. All the Best


Update On the Remitano Obi Scam.

Remitano has sent another message to all its users explaining the recent event. Here is the message.

Hello friend,

Thank you for being with us.
Recently there was an email sending from our support platform asking you to download malicious software. This has created anxiety among some users and we are here to clarify it.

First we are very sorry to let this happen and have made necessary changes to prevent future problems like this from happening again.

Second we would like to make it clear that Remitano system is still 100% safe and operational.

Third, let me explained what happened.
We do use a customer support platform called Intercom to contact our customers.
On September 12, 2017, an Intercom account of one of our staff got compromised. The attacker then use that account to send email to our user asking them to install a malicious software.

As soon as we heard back from our user (which is around 1 hour since the email is sent), our staff has escalated issue and we immediately send a new email advising our user to ignore the email about the fake beta software. We also worked with Github which the attacker used to host the malicious file to remove that file from their platform.

As of right now, we have make further restriction in our system to prevent any compromised staff from sending out fake news. We also enforced two factor authentication to the Intercom platform to make future compromise less likely.

Again we are sorry to have this happen. Though we would like to give guarantee that Remitano is still 100% safe and operational. Any user has executed the malicious software we insist that you run the latest antivirus program to remove the malware or even reinstall the operating system had it is Windows. Mac and Linux users are not affected by this incident.

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