5 Top Exchanges To Buy TRON (TRX) in Nigeria — Number 1 Accepts Bank Deposit

Buy Tron (TRX) in Nigeria–

TRON was created by Justin Sun in 2017. Its ICO recorded tremendous success, causing Binance to crash in the process due to the overwhelming traffic it got from Cryptocurrency investors and at the end raised over $84 million.

Like we explained in our TRON coin review, TRON intends to decentralize access to media on the internet. To actualise this dream, it has created a platform that allows content makers (images, videos, music etc.) create, publish and sell their contents to a wide audience while maintaining total control over both their contents and customers.

This is in response to the growing trend where platforms like Youtube, Netflix, App stores etc. charge content creators outrageous commissions for hosting their products and sometimes take them off their platforms at will.

TRON seeks to curtail this exploitative trend by providing a decentralized platform that cannot be controlled by anyone. To use this platform, however, you must own TRX which is TRON’s main token.

People who invested in TRON back in December 2017 made a whooping %3300 profit in just 15 days, its value is set to appreciate within the coming days as explained in our TRON coin review, as more people use TRON’s platform.

Buying TRON in Nigeria can prove a difficult task; this review, however, introduces you to the top exchanges to easily buy TRON in Nigeria, number 1 accepts Bank deposits.

Top Exchanges to Buy TRON in Nigeria


1. Ngexchanger

Buy Tron in Nigeria

Ngexchanger is a Nigerian based digital currency exchange; it is based in Portharcourt and provides a variety of digital currencies, which include our beloved TRON.

The beauty of patronizing Ngexchanger lies in the variety of payment options they support. Users can buy TRON here through local payment methods like Bank transfer, ATM transfer, Bank deposit and even physical cash. The best part is the fact that their platform was built with user-friendly features, and can be used by everyone no matter your level of experience with Cryptocurrencies.

Ngexchanger’s customer support can be reached through Whatsapp, voice call, email and live-chat (present on their official website), be rest assured that your inquiry will be attended to within minutes.

Ngexchanger, however, does not offer wallet services for TRON, you will have to create a TRON wallet elsewhere and have the TRON you buy here transferred into it.

More about this platform can be seen in our Ngexchanger review.

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2. Coindirect

Buy Tron in Nigeria

Coindirect is a peer to peer platform where individuals go to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies. The platform secures transactions through the use of escrow (a service that keeps fraudsters out).

Coindirect makes it to our list because it is secure and provides flexible payment methods since it is basically a bridge between buyers and sellers.

When you visit coindirect, you will be directed to a seller based on your country of residence, you are to negotiate a payment method with this seller; which can include ATM transfer, Bank deposit and even physical cash based on your proximity with the seller.

Currency rates on this platform are very competitive due to the fact that sellers are listed according to the rates they offer. Lower rates come first.

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3. HitBTC

hitbtc banner


HitBTC is an Estonian based Cryptocurrency exchange which has been around since 2013, it allows the purchase of Cryptocurrencies with Fiat money (local currency).

To buy with fiat money, however, you will be required to submit your identity documents for verification, the entire process should take a couple of days though after which you will be given the green light to buy your desired currency through credit/debit card.

This might not be a viable option if you reside in Nigeria, as our banks are notorious for performing uncompleted international transactions; however, you can go ahead if you fully trust your Bank to get the job done.

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4. Binance

Buy Tron in Nigeria

Binance was created in 2017 and is one of the newest Cryptocurrency exchange around. The major disadvantage of using Binance lies in the fact that it does not support the purchase of Cryptocurrencies with fiat money (local currency).

To buy TRON on Binance, you must first purchase a different currency elsewhere, preferable Bitcoin or Ethereum; transfer them to your Binance wallet and exchange them for TRON.

This is a great option for people who already own Ethereum and Bitcoin and wish to add TRON to their portfolio.

Binance offers more than 100 different Cryptocurrencies and charges arguably the lowest transaction fees of all exchanges (0.1%) and even lesser when you use the Binance Coin (BNB).

Binance runs a pretty secure platform with features such as the Google Authenticator and has two sections to suit both basic and advanced users.

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5. Changelly

by cryptocurrencies

Changelly is a very efficient cryptocurrency exchange that has been in operation since 2015. This exchange does not provide users with any cryptocurrency wallet but only acts as a platform to buy most cryptos at the lowest price. It does this by scanning through different trading platforms, identifies the one with the lowest price and enables users to make the exchange without having to visit the trading platform.

To buy Tron (TRX) on Changelly, you can exchange USD for it through your MasterCard or exchange several other cryptocurrencies for TRON (TRX) and vice verse.

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Our list of the top exchanges to buy TRON in Nigeria was thoroughly researched based on three criteria’s. (1) Available payment options (2) Ease of use and (3) Platform security.

All the exchanges listed here have been tested and trusted by many, you too can use them with your mind at ease.

That’s all for now, do check back for more Cryptocurrency news and reviews.

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