5 Best Exchanges To Buy And Sell Cardano In Nigeria


5 Best exchanges to buy and sell Cardano

Cardano (ADA) is currently dubbed as the futures coin.

ADA got off to a spectacular start in 2017, when it beat Litecoin to the 5th position of all Cryptocurrencies barely two weeks after its launch and is currently listed among the top 10 best Cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap.

Like NEO, Cardano was built with the same technology as Ethereum but with further modifications intended to give it a competitive advantage over its adversary (Ethereum). Like we explained in our Cardano review, its modifications coupled with the backing it enjoys from different technical teams have been the reason for its success thus far.

This review intends to introduce you to the 5 best exchanges where you can easily buy Cardano, either with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Physical Cash or ATM card. Whichever option you deem appropriate, depending on your transaction method most convenient for you.

To buy Cardano, you will need a Cardano wallet since you cannot hold them in your hands. A Cardano wallet can be created for free at exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC etc… it is important however that you don’t leave your coins on exchanges for security reasons. Put them in a hardware wallet instead. You can pick one from our 3+1 best hardware wallets review.

Here are the 5 Best Exchanges to Buy and Sell Cardano in Nigeria


1. Ngexchanger

Best exchanges to buy and sell cardano

Ngexchanger is a Nigerian based digital currency exchange; it is based in Portharcourt and provides a variety of digital currencies, which include our beloved Cardano.

Ngexchanger’s platform boast of a user-friendly interface and a responsive customer support unit which can be reached through phone calls,  Whatsapp, email or live chat (available on their website). Furthermore, they make buying and selling Cryptocurrencies easy and their payment methods are the most convenient you can ever think of.

They accept payment through bank deposit, ATM transfers and even physical cash if you reside around Portharcourt. They process transactions speedily and boast of a decent track record.

Besides Cardano, Ngexchanger also offers an array of Cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Steem and Litecoin at transparent rates.

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2. Coindirect

Best exchanges to buy and sell cardano

Condirect is a peer to peer exchange where people go to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies. The platform leverages a third-party system called escrow to ensure transactions go smoothly, keeping fraudsters at bay.

Coindirect comes with certain benefits which include.

  • Competitive rates (sometimes lesser than what you get in traditional exchanges due to fact that sellers with lower prices are listed first).
  • An array of payment options (you can transact with a Nigerian seller who accepts bank deposit, ATM transfer or even physical cash depending on your proximity to him or her).
  • First and secured transactions.

The platform is beautiful and user-friendly.

Besides Cardano, coindirect also offers other Cryptocurrencies.

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Best exchanges to buy and sell cardano



Best exchanges to buy and sell cardano

This is considered the first crypto exchange to allow the direct purchase of Cardano with credit/debit cards.

If you do not trust Ngexchanger or coindirect for personal reasons, then Coinmama is for you. It does not support ATM transfer or bank deposit like Ngexchanger and coindirect but you can still purchase Cardano directly with your ATM card like you will a product on Jumia or Konga.

Coinmama will require you verify your identity; however, this shouldn’t pose a problem as the entire process can be completed in minutes.

Coinmama also offers other Cryptocurrencies besides Cardano.

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Best exchanges to buy and sell cardano


4. Binance

Best exchanges to buy and sell cardano

Binance is an international Cryptocurrency exchange with users from all over the world. It is a secure platform that offers services ranging from buying and selling Cryptocurrencies to live trading markets.

Unlike Coindirect and Ngexchanger that allow you buy Cardano with fiat money (your local currency), Binance does not. To buy Cardano on Binance you need to purchase Bitcoins, Ethereum or BNB while the platform converts them into Cardano at your request (the whole process shouldn’t take longer than 10 mins).

Binance also offers other Cryptocurrencies.

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5. HitBTC


hitbtc banner

HitBTC is a European based Cryptocurrency trading platform. It does not accept fiat money in exchange for Cryptocurrencies but allows the exchange of one currency for another.

Like Binance, HitBTC supports Cardano, but to buy it you must purchase Bitcoins from platforms like Ngexchanger and Luno, transfer this Bitcoins to your HitBTC bitcoin wallet and exchange them for Cardano.

This is ideal for people who wish to transact anonymously.

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The platforms listed above can be trusted to get the job done. They were listed according to their level of ambiguity, while Ngexchanger and coindirect accept local payment methods, coinmama does not. And while coinmama accepts credit/debit card, Binance and HitBTC do not.

If you like being presented with options, go with Ngexchanger or Coindirect. If your thing is ease and style, go with Coinmama. If you already have Bitcoins and wish to convert them to Cardano, go with Binance or HitBTC. Whichever way you choose, you will surely get your Cardano.


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