10 Recommended Exchange to Buy Bitcoin and Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria

Do you want to buy Bitcoin or sell Bitcoin in Nigeria? You must already know that Bitcoin is the leading Cryptocurrency in the world. It Is accepted by over 500,000 merchants across the world and this number is increasing every day. In Japan alone, over 260,000 stores accept Bitcoin. It’s even accepted in some hotels in Nigeria. If you don’t deal in or save in Bitcoin, you are ignorantly missing out. Today I am going to list 10 online exchange where you can buy Bitcoin and sell Bitcoin in Nigeria. I have personally used most of this sites myself. Have no fear when dealing with them, They are all registered bitcoin exchange company. Seven are of them indigenous while the other three are international but render Bitcoin exchange service in Nigeria. I suggest you do business with only these sites so you don’t risk getting scammed.




  1. Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Remitano

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Remitano

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Remitano

    Remitano is one of the leading foreign exchange where you can buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. As at now, remitano is present in 32 countries. Remitano connects buyers and sellers. They list the seller with the lowest price first, this way sellers will bring down their price to compete for the top position. Remitano connects buyers and sellers using Escrow. What this does is that when u request to buy bitcoin, the bitcoin will be held by remitano and release to you when the seller confirms reception of your payment. If the seller does not confirm reception, remitano will release Bitcoin to you when u present proof of payment. This ensures that the seller does not run away with your money. You can now also buy Ethereum Ether (ETH) and Tether (USDT) on Remitano

  2. Buy Bitcoin on Luno

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Luno

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria On Luno

    Luno is a Bitcoin wallet provider as well as an exchange. It is one of the exchange I highly recommend you buy Bitcoin from. They have been around since 2013. They were previously called Bitx. They are present in over 40 countries and have served over 20 million users. Their platform is user-friendly and they have an app to increase ease of use. I particularly like the fact that they are also wallet providers making it easy to buy Bitcoin. I highly recommend having a wallet with them, it the safest, fastest, cheapest, and most convenient way to buy bitcoin and sell your Bitcoin in Africa and Europe. Luno Accepts the debit/credit card (master or visa) for your transaction. You can now Also buy Ethereum on Luno

  3. LocalBitcoins

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on LocalBitcoins

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on LocalBitcoins

    localBitcoins was launched in June 2012 in Finland. They are the world largest bitcoin exchange with a presence in 249 countries. Their Operation is like that of Remitano above in that they connect buyers and the sellers using the escrow system. LocalBitcoins is the very first site where people bought Bitcoins in Nigeria. They also provide Bitcoin wallet for users. However, it is highly recommended you don’t leave your bitcoin in your LocalBitcoins wallet. You can click here to read types of Bitcoin wallet and the most recommended.

  4. Buy Bitcoin on NGexchanger

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Ngexchanger

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Ngexchanger

    NGexchanger took the cryptocurrency market niche like no other indigenous bitcoin exchange. You can Buy Bitcoin on NGexchanger, 7 other cryptocurrencies and 3 e-currencies. You can Buy Bitcoin online from them or buy with cash at their office. NGexchanger is Located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

  5. Nairaex

    Buy Bitcoin on Nairaex

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Nairaex

    Nairaex is a bitcoin exchange indigenous to Nigeria. Their office is in Abeokuta. Unlike most indigenous Nigerian bitcoin exchange, they deal only in bitcoin. I was sceptical about buying bitcoin from them at first until I met a friend that has bought bitcoin from them severally. A transaction with Nairaex takes about an hour or less. Nairaex can be contacted over the phone, email, twitter or BBM.

  6. InstantGoldNigeria

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on InstantGoldNigeria

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on InstantGoldNigeria

    Instantgold is one of the oldest E-currency exchange in Nigeria. My first transaction with them was for Okpay back in 2012, I knew nothing about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency then. Aside bitcoin they deal in 10 other e-currencies. They have their physical office in Ikeja-Lagos and will open a branch in Port Harcourt soon. Their customer service is excellent. I have bought bitcoin from them twice. The first time was in early 2016 when 1 BTC was selling for 278,000 NGN. Bitcoin was quite scared then so they sent me back my money at my request after a day of not being able to fund my BTC wallet. You can contact them on WhatsApp or BBM or by email and phone call. IntantGoldNigeria is a reputable exchange to buy bitcoins in Nigeria.

  7. Naira4dollar

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Naira4dollar

    Buy Bitcoin on Naira4dollar

    Naira4dollar is another indigenous e-currency exchange that’s have been around for a since 2006. You can Buy and sell bitcoins, and 3 other e-currencies including perfect money, web money and Paypal. They have their offices at Ibadan and Lagos. I have bought bitcoin from them. Although I had a little challenge in registering so I had to call after my WhatsApp message was not replied, their customer service wasn’t really friendly rather rude (that is my personal experience, not a general view). Overall they are efficient and safe.

  8. Naira2usd

    Buy Bitcoin on in Nigeria On Naira2Usd

    Buy Bitcoin on in Nigeria On Naira2Usd

    Naira2usd is the most current indigenous e-currency exchange that I have used. I love the experience with them and I highly recommend them. Their customer service is excellent and their speed of transaction is commendable. It took about  15 minutes. They way they function is that you initiate the transaction on their website and complete it over WhatsApp with their rep. You can Buy Bitcoin and 5 other e-currencies including; PayPal, Payoneer, skill, perfect money, and Neteller. I did not buy bitcoin from them but sold Neteller to them but I believe the quality of their service extends across all the e-currencies.

  9. Buy Bitcoin on Wink Payment

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Winkpayment

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria on Winkpayment

    Wink Payment from my experience is the fastest place where you can buy bitcoin in Nigeria without verification (Luno is faster But you need to be verified). I have used Winkpayment severally in 2016 solely because of their speed. I have completed transactions with them severally in just 10 minutes. All the transactions I did with them was over WhatsApp. I could not register on their website because of phone verification issues. I never received the code to complete the registration. So I contacted them on WhatsApp and I have been doing transaction ever since there. Their bitcoin price is usually 5 naira per dollar higher than other bitcoin exchanges. They have been around since 2010 with their office in Lagos.


  10. Nigeria Gold Exchange

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria On Nigeria Gold Exchange

    Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria On Nigeria Gold Exchange

    Nigeria Gold Exchange have their office in Port Harcourt. You can buy and sell e-currencies like bitcoin, Payza, Solidtrust, Skrill, web money, perfect money and PayPal from them. You can also transfer funds to other members, buy a recharge card and trade Eness hot forex. If you happen to live in Port Harcourt, you can walk into their office and complete your transaction over the counter otherwise you can buy online.

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So there you have it 10 top recommended websites to buy Bitcoins in Nigeria. There are more but did not make our list. I will review this list again by next year to see those that made the list. You can Buy from any of the site they although their prices might be different. Always communicate with the representatives of these exchanges before making payment.

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All the Best

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