Ways to Make Money with Bitcoin in Nigeria

There are lots of way to make money in bitcoin online here in Nigeria, and there are even more ways to lose your bitcoin to scammers. or to HYIP (High Yield investment Plan). Almost every new bitcoin user is scammed. He creates a free wallet, buys his first bitcoin, then he is invited to so many mouth watering opportunity promising him lots and lots of bitcoin money. he has no experience, his friend that invited him to all this opportunity in good fate is also just starting out, he either saw this opportunity online or was also invited, they both put in their bitcoin, it works for a few days and they loose their bitcoin. they keep trying new opportunities unguided trying to recover their bitcoin, but they end up losing them all.  I have being there, I have learnt. I have come to understand that bitcoin is money and it works like every other money. if you are going into any bitcoin business, and you don’t understand how it works, don’t invest your bitcoin. You will definitely lose it. many Nigerians have lots their bitcoin. Many have made millions also,

So in this section of this website, I and my team having over 3 years experience in the world of bitcoin and 10 years in internet marketing are going to present to you investment opportunities in bitcoin that we have tested and found to be legit, viable and easy to invest in. we will also present you with tools where necessary to help you succeed in the world of bitcoin. we will keep updating this page with new opportunities to many money in bitcoin, if you want us to review an opportunity you must have seen, drop it in the comment box.

  1. five2btc

five2btc is an online donation platform available worldwide. with five2btc you have the potential to earn 64btc (24million naira), starting from a donation of 0.01btc (5,000 naira). below is a summary of what you earn below using the current exchange rate.

Level 1 = 0.02btc = N10,000

Level 2 = 0.06btc = N30,000

Level 3 = 0.32btc = N160,000

Level 4 = 3.2btc = N1,600,000

Level 5 = 64btc = N32,800,000
TOTAL =67.6btc = N33,800,000


all you need to start up is 0.01btc = 5,000 naira.

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