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Have you been looking for a legitimate way to make money on the Internet using your smart phone tablet or PC, and more importantly, without leaving the comfort of your home and or office? Then read on… even if for knowledge sake.
2017 came with lots of opportunity and bigger opportunity in bitcoin. Lots of Nigerians have already taking this opportunity and making over 65k per week. Today I want to show you how you can do the same investing in bitcoin

Bitcoin is currency, it’s just that simple. The only difference between bitcoin and other currencies like naira or dollars is that its digital. It was created in 2009 by a group of software developers under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. It is created and held electronically. It has no borders, no regulatory bodies and is not affected by economic devaluations like regular currency. And can be transferred from one user’s bitcoin wallet to the other with the speed of light. It’s like sending a mail from Nigeria to America. Instant.
As at 2009 when bitcoin was launched, 1 bitcoin was about 10 cents. Today one bitcoin equals $908 and the value increases daily. The equivalent amount of the value in dollars of one bitcoin in naira today is N480,000 but a bitcoin is sold in Nigeria for N500,000- N525,000. I do not need to tell you that this is a very good investment.

There are several websites where you can buy and sell bitcoins and be paid in naira straight into your Nigerian bank account;,,,,, etc. (Please click on the links later).
You can sell your bitcoins anytime no matter how little, it’s very very simple.

Now let me show you how you can become a millionaire with Five2btc.
Five2btc is a direct member to member donation platform that uses ONLY bitcoins for transactions. Which means, no central account, no request for withdrawal, no admin. Your money (bitcoin) is paid straight into your Blockchain wallet; which is similar to your traditional bank account. Deposits, withdrawals, and transfers are done instantly!
Five2btc’s front man is David Vincente Martin from Spain.
Five2btc was officially launched in September 2016, and as at today, the number of Five2btc members worldwide is over 30,000 and increasing by the day.

Five2btc gives you the opportunity to accumulate 64 bitcoins monthly. Yes 64. Remember how much a bitcoin is worth. Plenty money. You start with 0.01 bitcoins (5,000 naira) and grow this figure to 64 bitcoins (between 30-33 million naira).
Now how do you do this?
Five2btc is a 2×5 forced matrix. You sign up for free and you’re placed on level 0. The system gives you 24 hours to upgrade to level 1. To upgrade to level 1 you donate 0.01 btc (N5000) to your sponsor. You are given your referral link and are ready to start making money.
Hang on!
You only invite two people and no more. Even if you bring more than 2 people the system will not place them directly under you, but under the first 2 people you brought in- this is called the spillover effect. (I will show you how to bring 10 people without having to talk to anyone of them)
The first 2 people you bring will form your level 1 downline. Each of them will pay you 0.01 btc (0.01 btc = N5000 x 2 = N10,000) 100% ROI. Now this continues to level 5, which is the final level as summarized below.

It will interest you to know that these payments are done monthly. Which means on level 3, you are already on a monthly income of N200,000. For a business you started with just N5000? That’s something!
Moving on…
I personally do not know anyone who is making as much as 28 million naira monthly. That’s huge.The world has gone past the age where you have to use a hoe and a cutlass, or work 9-5 to be able to make a living.

• I don’t know how to convince people
• What if I can’t get anyone to join?
• What if they can’t get anyone to join themselves?
• How do I register?
• How do I buy bitcoin?
• How do I convert my money back to bitcoin?, etc

This team is “TEAM SMART SUCCESS”. (Subsidiary of “Team Alpha”). This is the internet age, we work smart not hard, and we make use of tools available in the internet. . “TEAM SMART SUCCESS” comprises people of different disciplines; budding entrepreneurs who are eager to make it, who have stopped depending on the government and taken full responsibility for their lives. We also have members who have over 8 years experience on internet marketing. So how do we work smart?

  1. We don’t need you to convince people, there are over 1.44billion active facebook users, we have a facebook page once you join, all we need you to do is to like, comment and share our post.. It will reach over a hundred people seeing your post and over 20% will join. And as they join and share, the more people join. You do not have to change the referral link. We all sign up through the group leader link. Since he can only have two people directly under him, the system distributes every other person under those that have already joined and we grow faster. Using this method, or member get their first two referrals within hours or registration. Aside this, we have many other methods of bringing people in explained below
  2. We run lots of adverts. You are reading this from our website, we also run advert on blogs like where an email was send to over 100,000 persons to read our post, other blogs include and weemzy a ppc ad. we are also present on youtube and we have adverts running on facebook, and linda ikeji social. Starting January, we started placing adverts on different Nigerian blogs weekly, if you have not heard of five2btc yet, you will soon hear it from your friends, the turnout is massive. So go ahead and join, we have you covered in bringing in people.
  3. If you do not know much about bitcoin, we have 5 members with over 8 years of internet marketing experience specially dedicated to help you out; they will help you with the process of registration, bitcoin wallet creation and funding of your wallet. You are not charged for this. Other teams online collect N6,000 for 0.01btc, they are making N1000 on the side from the money you gave them. We fund your wallet for you with the exact amount you pay, N5,000 for 0.0103btc. or we show you how to buy from exchangers online. We only increase the price whenever the price of bitcoin increases

To get started you need a bitcoin wallet. Go to your phone’s app store (iOS and Android) and download “Blockchain” to create a bitcoin wallet. If you’re using a computer, then click on to create a bitcoin wallet. After that click the link below to register on Five2btc.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP    (make sure it says “invited by felix Udechukwu)

OR call or send whatsapp message to this numbers to get you registered

Felix: 07035928479
Ebere: 07032338308
Tunde: 0905828748
Chinedu: 08035001674
Isaiah: 08063885308

you CAN choose to yield to the fear of losing N5,000 OR to the potential of making 32millon, per month in the long run THE CHOICE IS YOURS. 



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