Author: Jude Umeano

Top 11 Bitcoin Exchange in Nigeria 2017

Top 11 Bitcoin Exchange in Nigeria 2017 Bitcoin was invented on Oct. 31st, 2008 and became available for trade January 2009. However, the knowledge of bitcoin picked momentum in Nigeria in early 2016 about the same time as the MMM Ponzi scheme in Nigeria. Bitcoin is unarguably the future of money and every person living

Review: Paxful Vs Remitano Vs LocalBitcoins:

Review: Paxful Vs Remitano Vs LocalBitcoins: Paxful is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Bitcoin exchange platform that was launched in is very similar to LocalBitcoins and Remitano. I have reviewed LocalBitcoins and Remitano and even Compared them two in the past. Today I am going to review Paxful and compare it with LocalBitcoins and Remitano. Paxful

Review: Remitano Vs LocalBitcoins

Remitano Vs LocalBitcoins: 2017 Review Remitano and LocalBitcoins are two very similar platforms. They both offer Bitcoin exchanges by connecting buyers and sellers through the escrow system. LocalBitcoins is the first of its kind while Remitano launched about 3 years later improving on some features of LocalBitcoins. They both have their strength and weaknesses. I

Remitano Review 2017 – Is it Legit?

REMITANO REVIEW 2017 – IS IT LEGIT? Remitano is a bitcoin exchange platform that started in April 2016. It is a product of Babylon Solution Limited incorporated in Seychelles. Remitano provides Escrowed peer to peer (P2P) market place where buyers and sellers can buy Bitcoin safely. It is more like an improved form of LocalBitcoin